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      this is my modifcation of Cattle and Crops, adding new fruits and animals. Check the changelog and download link in the german section:

      v009 - 2022-05-06

      Trailer Pack needed since CNC-Gameplay-Mods v009 (available since 2022-05-06)…

      • At the hill at the windmill there is a new fabric "grain mill". You can procude flour, shred and Oatflakes.
      • The mill can be extended. you can increase storage, efficiency, hire employees.
      • The goods can be sold in the city at the super market.
      • Please check this thread: CNC-Gameplay-Mod to get some insights. Hopefully will start my CNC-gameplay-Mod Wiki in the future to explain features more in detail.
      • Please read the complete changelog in the german section and use google translate or your favourite translator.
      • You need the "goods trailer mod" liked above to transport the Goods.

      This mod extends the game features of Cattle and Crops. A precise description of the changes in the respective versions. Here are some changes at a glance:

      • New types of fruit (rapeseed, oats, sugar beets), but without 3D models
      • Revised growth mechanics. Plants do not grow in winter, the yield decreases. Other plants need the winter, otherwise they will not yield (winter rape, winter oats)
      • New animals such as dairy cows, pigs and goats
      • Complete revision of the nutrients (ME, crude protein, crude fibre) of all types of fruit so that they are correctly displayed individually for each animal.
      • Feed mixer at the farm as a new building for mixing the feed.
      • A new barn on the farm to keep dairy cows.
      • Complex and extensive depiction of the milk cycle (lactation phase) of a dairy cow. From sexual maturity, heat, artificial insemination to pregnancy and childbirth (new animals are spawned). Continued complex lactation phase based on real nutrient requirements and milk yield targets per cow.
      • The milk yield is per cow and is individual for each animal
      • Implemented a new feeding task for targeted, automatic feeding.
      • Placed a new merchant in town to sell the milk.
      • New pasture developed at the farm
      • The seeding machines now bring out the correct amount individually for each seed. Rape, for example, only 3kg/ha.
      • Prices for products adjusted according to real values, as well as the seeds.
      • New organic fertilizer (cattle manure) implemented incl. manure spreader

      More information and if you have any questions, contact us directly in the official forum or in the Discord

    • Hi

      I've downloaded your mod but nothing actually happens in the game itself. I can choose the moded map and implements, but there are no new animals mentioned in the description of the mod. I have tried unpacking it like it was mentioned in the readme file and putting the packed archive in the mod directory as well. Nothing seems to be working. Do I need to start a new game? What am I doing wrong? I'd be grateful if you could point me in the right direction. Unfortunately, I don't speak nor understand German.
    • should Look Like this

      C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Cattle and Crops\Mods\Base\

      C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Cattle and Crops\Mods\MAP-Albergtal\ must not be in the Mods folder after unpacking.

      You can use your old Savegame. Just RESET one time your existing vehicles. For new animals at the Trader forward 24h
    • I know what caused the map to be visible in the mod menu. It was the zipped folder with the mod because I was trying various things to make it work and I had left it there. Now the only visible thing is the manure spreader which was in the mod pack.

      When it comes to animals, still no luck. I have tried sleeping for 24 hours as you suggested nothing changed. I made a screenshot of the animals menu but then I realsied I'm playing Polish version of the game, so you probably wouldn't understand what was written there.

      Do you have to drive to the animal trader? I have tried buying them from the F1 menu and driving there as well but the result was all the same.

      In the attachment you'll find what my Mod folder looks like.
    • So I've created a new profile and started a new game and this is what I came up with. When I chose all types of animals from the first left hand coliumn in the next one I could choose from:

      cattle - 1 bull was available
      cows - 2 cows were available
      pigs - 2 chickens were available
      pigs - 1 goose was available
      pigs - 1 pig was available
      pigs - empty list, no animals available
      pigs - 1 goat was available
      pigs - 5 sheep were available

      I then skipped 2 days to see what changed, but it all stayed the same.

      Note that I didn't make any mistakes here, all other animals in the list after "cattle" and "cows" were listed as a separate "pigs" category.
    • Hello,

      I updated the strings which are responsible for the translation. I must have missed this part because it was at the very beginning of this mod and I did not all the translations. Download the attached .zip file, extract the content to
      ..\My Games\Cattle and Crops\Mods\strings\
      and replace the existing files.

      I cannot download the profile because the link is not public or no public access allowed. Further I would be more interested in the existing profile/savegame because if I understand you correct there are no new animals. In the new profile there are new animals.

      For tests I attached another zip file "". This zip file contains an .xml file. Copy this to
      ..\My Games\Cattle and Crops\Mods\Base\missions\

      After that start the game, try your old or new profile, go to F1 --> green tab --> Quests --> All - All - All --> "Generate new animals at trader"
      This is the same mission that runs in the background every 4-7 days. The mission in the background runs every day between 02:00 and 03:00 o'clock. perhaps forward to a time slot between 2-3 7 days in a row and then you should see new animals.


      After that you should see several animals of all kinds like here:

    • Hi again

      So, the outcome is this:

      I have updated the mod to cversion 004.

      In the new profile there is really not much I can do, since I have to complete missions first and almost everything is blocked as long as I don't complete them. However, the names of animlas are correct now, although the translation is sometimes awkward. On the other hand, the number of available animals hasn't changed.

      In the main profile, after skipping 30 days from the day I start my save game, I now can buy 3 types of animals: bulls (10 of them), cows (only 1) and horses (3). The bulls look and behave in a standard way. The cow sometimes walks on the walls. However the horses are most interesting, especially when it comes to appearence. What I mean is that they only have the horses' head and the rest of the body belongs to a slightly modified cow, or at least that's what it looks like. Was that intended? In the shop, when you choose them from the list, they look normal.

      The post was edited 1 time, last by jurandus1: I have also started a new game in the sandbox mode. I could buy most of the animals but their numbers were like I wrote in the previous thread. What's more, the horses looked like modified cows again, the sheep was missing legs, geese were stuck to one corner of their pen, one pig was walking on the wall and chickens were stuck on the wall. So, I believe there is an issue with placing them correctly inside their pens. Has anyone on the German forum mentioned these things? ().

    • Appearance is Game Imitation. I explained that in the (German) Change log. Try Google translate to understand why.

      For the Translation of the Rest, i can only use google translate. If you have anything which is wrong please Tell me the wrong and the correct word and I will try to Change it.

      Did you remove the complete old Mod and then Copy the new Version into your Mods folder? This would be the correct way.

      To be honest I do not have much Feedback if the game mechanics work or Not. For me they did.

      I will check with the Savegame you provided above and perhaps I can find a solution. Try with the XML Mission I provided if you can Spawn animals of all types.
    • Hello,

      I downloaded "" and started the "Carrer" Profile / Solt. It was the 01.04.2000. I slept one day and I could see all animals at the trader.
      I verified that my script is running properly in the background in the logs.

      2021-12-05 22:03:21 INFO : SCRIPT DBG from 'world/albergtal/albergtal' on 'GenerateAnimalsAtTrader': GENERATE ANIMALS First start today 1
      2021-12-05 22:03:21 INFO : SCRIPT DBG from 'world/albergtal/albergtal' on 'GenerateAnimalsAtTrader': GENERATE ANIMALS Mission started - Generate new animals at trader now 1

      So you can start your existing, old game and open the console using SHIFT+ESC.
      Then type into the console $logLevel="DEBUG"
      Sleep one day and then check your "Debug.log" file in the cattle and crops folder, search for GenerateAnimalsAtTrader
      If the line with GENERATE ANIMALS Mission started end with a ONE (1) then the mission started successfully. If it end with a ZERO (0) something is wrong.

      At the end make sure that you set the logLevel back to "WARN" because most of my scripts have detailed Debug prints and this will spam console, log file and slow down game.

      Reset with:
      open the console using SHIFT+ESC.

      The just conatins a fresh started game. If you want you can upload your excisting
      The othe Profile from the "google drive" location also works. I sleep one day and can see the script runs and trader has animals for all types.

      If you want, you can set the logLevel to "DEBUG", then forward a few days and then upload the Debug.log file. Perhaps I can see something strange.

    • Hi there!

      Is it possible that you publish also an English changelog? I don't understand German, thus it makes it difficult to follow up. Another question is this, what if I already had some animals bought? Would replacing the mod files (deleting the old version and unpacking the new one) delete them as well?

      By the way, I have played the game for a while and I now have many available animlas at the dealer, so that's one problem solved.

      Keep up the good work :).

      Oh, one more thing I forgot to ask. Is it possible to change the horse model so that it doesn't look like a cow with a horses head transplanted? There are normal horse models in game, you can see them not far from the seeds and fertilizers dealer. Is it possible to use them? Or is it just my version of the game that displays them wrong when you buy them?

      The post was edited 1 time, last by jurandus1 ().

    • You can replace an old Version with a new one. Nothing should be lost.

      Every animal needs a controller defined in the XML file. If i chose the horse Controller dir the horses or the sheep Controller for sheep they have correct appearance BUT they do not eat or grow.

      So i used the bull Controller so they grow and eat. But they look crazy.

      I asked a modder to check If he can "correct" the appearance of a horse using bull Controller but they still look crazy.

      So my Personal desicion was that having animals in the game which do not grow and eat is not usefull. Deleting all the animals only because they Look Bad and lose Gameplay options (Like wool, eggs, ..) was also not a good Idea.

      So my Idea was everyone decides what He Likes. If appearance is important so Not use sheep, Chicken, goose, horse.
    • Hello,

      I uploaded the version v006 of the CNC-Gameplay-Mod.
      here is the changelog for v006

      • Water consumption in the barn reduced by a factor of 50, price increased by a factor of 50. The gameplay suffered from the heavy driving to the harbor especially when skipping/sleeping long periods of time.
      • VertiMix / MixKing has been expanded to include a display which makes it possible to view the nutrients in the food and also to produce dedicated food for the animals.
      • Added a feed mixer (Thank you @Deutzfahrer) with 7 tanks and a display. You choose for which animal you want to mix food. You choose whether MJ, XP or XF should be the target value to be mixed. You can choose whether tanks should be used for the mixing process or left out.
      • All nutrients (energy (MJ), protein (XP) and raw fiber (XF) all fruit types have been reworked or researched and incorporated. MJ is now always 1.0 MJ / kg and only gets through the mixture and the information for which animal type it is used its correct MJ / kg values. The reason for this is that a pig can utilize Fieldgras hay much more poorly than a cow or a bull and thus different nutrient contents result for the same source type of feed. If your animals should grow than you need to mix the food or they do not get enough MJ / Energy.
      • SuperSilo2000 still exists as it is necessary for the AI feeding task. However, the MJ / kg was set at 5.0, so growth should be present, but not optimal. May be eliminated in the future if an alternative to the known AI feeding has been implemented.
      • Field grass (the fresh grass, not silage or hay) has received the full MJ value for bulls. The reason for this is that bulls / cows are usually kept in the pasture and thus receive the correct nutrients. (Pigs in the pasture are probably rather unusual).
      • The feed mixer, the display on the feed mixer and the display on the MixKing are only temporarily attached there. I can't do 3D modeling and unfortunately I'm still waiting for a sign of life from @Deutzfahrer, who wanted to help me with this.

      You can find the download link in the at the end of first post here:

      Here the unloading / loading point for the 7 storage silos. 5 silos are for grain (Solid, ThreshedFruit), 1 tank for "straw and hay" (Solid, Swath) and 1 tank for chopped fruit (Solid, Chaff).

      A large display is mounted on the side of the feed mixer, which you can use to produce bull, cow or pig feed. The mixer uses the raw materials from the tanks and mixes them together so that your set amount is exactly achieved and the nutrient components that you have selected. The other two nutrients are only reached approximately exactly. You may have to mix several times and try to reach your target values.Here is the display to adjust the mix:

      At the top right of the display you can switch to the second page. There you can see the contents of all 7 storage silos with the associated nutrients. You can also see the dispensing tank there, which is the tank in which your mixed feed ends up and what you can load into the feed mixer or a trailer. The display updates the value about every second for about 300s. If the values do not update any more, then simply switch back and forth briefly in the display, and the display will then start to update again.

      On the very right of the display you will find your "checkboxes" next to the storage silos. Here you can choose which of the storage silos should be used for the mixing process. If you do not want to use a silo for a mixing process, you switch off the checkbox and the mixer will not use this tank.The mixer "tries" to point out to you when entries are incorrect. For example, if you want to mix an MJ content of 12.0, you must have at least one raw material tank whose MJ content is less than 12.0MJ and another raw material tank whose MJ content is higher than 12.0. It is understandable that two raw materials whose values are greater or less than the target value can never reach the target value. So if you select or deselect individual raw material tanks, please consider that. When all raw material tanks are selected, the mixer checks whether there is any possible mix combination and carries it out.

      It should also be noted that there can only be one type of feed in the dispensing tank at a time. if there is still "fattening bull feed", then you cannot mix "pig feed" but have to empty the tank first. The reason was already mentioned at the beginning, that e.g. hay for a bull provides more MJ than hay for a pig and therefore there are different types of feed.In the trading window, when you have loaded a feed (solid, feed) you have the MJ (energy), XP (protein) and XF (crude fiber) content that you have loaded. So far, this was only available for fertilizers, where you could read the NPK values there.

      The mixer feeder has also been adapted and a display has been added (it is only visible from one side, namely on the left in the direction of travel). There you will see the nutrients of the raw material that is unmixed and you will be shown the nutrient content of the mixed feed. If you put raw materials in there, e.g. wheat, then you first define which animal species and turn on the mixer and you get the appropriate feed made from wheat. You can start and stop the mixer on the display, but it is also synchronized with the radial menu (start, stop) so that you can switch it on and off from the tractor as usual. If the display does not update there, choose between the feed back and forth and / or click on "Mix".

      Greetings and have fun. Feel free to give feedback if something does not work or if you find that it is not conducive to the flow of the game.

    • Hello,

      I uploaded my version v007 of the CNC-Gameplay-Mod. here the description of the changes translated by google. In the game there are Displays in the barns which provide additional information how gameplay works.

      ### Changelog v007 - 2022-02-12 English
      - A new stable has been placed at the farm. One of the two stalls can now only accommodate dairy cows (9 boxes, 8 animals each) and the other stall on the farm only exclusively fattening bulls (9 boxes, 8 animals each).
      - Due to limitations in the game and in the script editor, each animal was internally assigned its own stable. There are 8 cows in box 8, but internally there are 8 boxes with exactly one cow each. In this way, it is possible to evaluate exactly how much this particular cow is eating (kg) and which nutrients she is taking in (MJ, XP, XF).
      - A large Displayx is installed in each of the two stables in the yard. The values of the individual animals can be read there. The following values are now new:
      - Sexual maturity: A dairy cow must be at least 15 months (450 days) old to be sexually mature. After 450 days, a cow is usually so heavy that it weighs around 600 kg and needs around 22 kg of feed per day. If a cow eats 22 kg a day, it is also considered to be "sexually mature".
      - When sexual maturity is reached, the mating season / estrus begins, which is reached every 19-21.
      - A cow can only be artificially inseminated during the mating season / heat. Depending on the condition of the animal and what phase it is in, the chances of successful fertilization are higher or lower. You carry out the fertilization on the display. If it is successful, the pregnancy of 280 days begins, if it is not successful, you have to wait 21 days until the next estrus.
      - Pregnancy lasts about 280 days and varies slightly. The cow should go into the recovery phase (drying off) 8 weeks before giving birth.
      - In the recovery phase, it is determined what milk yield the cow should produce in the next lactation period after giving birth. This is important because the desired milk yield can only be achieved if you start feeding in a timely manner.
      - On the day of the birth it is decided whether the cow will give birth to a calf or whether there will be a miscarriage/stillbirth. You can "put out" the calf after it is born, i.e. it will be "spawned" on the pasture and it will be available to you like any other animal. The offspring can be male or female.
      - The lactation phase begins on the day of the birth, i.e. the cow begins to give milk. At the beginning the milk production increases, from the 60th day it remains at the maximum value until the 90th day and then decreases continuously. Depending on the time of lactation, different feed mixtures with different compositions are required.
      - The ideal composition of nutrients is very important for the milk yield and the condition of the animal. Deviations of +/- 10% are tolerable. Anything beyond that has a negative effect on the animal in the long run.
      - In the display you can see the composition that the animal currently needs, you can see what is in the feeding trough and you can see how the deviation looks now and in the long term. In addition, the milk yield of the cow is very important.
      - ### IMPORTANT NOTE ###
      The game does not allow mods to access the animal parameters that can be viewed in the F1 menu. The mod calculates all parameters "within" the display and is assigned to exactly one stable. This is also the reason why box 8 can accommodate up to eight cows, but internally each of the eighth cows has its own stall. The calculation depends on the stable. So if you move an animal from the stable or box to another box, the display will not notice it. The idea of the mod is to simulate the animal process in detail and accurately. If you want it to work, you have to buy an animal, e.g. a dairy cow, transfer it to stable 8-3, for example, and then reset stable 8, animal 3 to 0 using "Reset all". The cow must then always remain in stable 8-3, only then can the display calculate correctly.
      So you buy an animal, transfer it to any stable, reset the values on the display for that stable and leave the animal there until you sell it. From this point on, you can read the values of the animal on the display.
      It is important to understand and accept this, because there is no other way to simulate animal parameters via a mod.
      - The milk of the animals is automatically pumped into a tank. You can load the milk into a STACK barrel at the back of the stable. A pump was placed there. You can then sell the milk in the stand at the supermarket. The transport and sale of the milk is also possible via the existing "transport" AI tasks.
      - The animals still need water in v007 of the CNC gameplay mod to avoid dying of thirst. However, the mechanism has been redesigned a bit so that it will hopefully benefit the flow of the game. A large water reservoir was built in the courtyard, next to the pasture. This water tower supplies the entire farm with water fully automatically. So all you have to do is ensure that the tower always contains enough water, the water will automatically flow from there into the stables.
      - The water transport from the harbor to the water tower at the yard can also be done fully automatically by AI using the well-known "transport" tasks.
      - The liquid manure from the fattening bull barn and the dairy cow barn is collected in the same manure store. The manure from both stables is also collected in the same manure heap.
      - Farm pasture #2 now has a gate that opens. The trigger was modified a bit so that it no longer opens so easily when driving past. You have to drive closer to the gate so that it opens.
      - Dairy cows can only be fed with "dairy cow feed" and fattening bulls only with "fattening bull feed". SuperSilo2000 is no longer used. The mixer at the farm or the MixKing can be used for mixing.
      - The known "animal feeding task" no longer works. The existing feeding task from the base game always uses SuperSilo2000 with a constant nutrient composition and is therefore unsuitable. A new feeding task has therefore been implemented. You can also find this in the display of the stable.
      - You can define up to 3 priorities in which order to feed.
      - You indicate from which of the 10 farm camps the feed should be used. The display shows you whether the stored food is suitable for your species and what nutrients it contains.
      - You indicate how many days should be fed. If the remaining days of a priority are 0, the next priority is fed.
      - The mod automatically calculates the amount of feed based on the average feed consumption of the animal. It is always fed 2.5x as much as the animal eats on average. If there is still enough food in the trough, it will not be fed.
      - One day is always deducted in the feeding planner, regardless of whether feeding was necessary or not. To explain: You have to feed a cow in the recovery phase feed composition A for 10 days and then composition B for 14 days and then composition C for 8 days because the cow's nutritional requirements have to be adjusted. If the trough is still full enough, no feeding takes place, but the day is deducted, so that, as planned by you, feed mixture A is only fed for exactly 10 days.
      - There is also help in the display, which explains various parameters again. I hope this makes it easier to get started.
      - Adjustments were made to the MixKing and the STAPEL barrel. If you have this trailer, please "Reset" the trailer in the F1 menu so that the new parameters take effect.

      here ascreenshot which shows the new barn, the Water Tower and The display in the barn.
    • Hello,

      I uploaded my version v008 of the CNC-Gameplay-Mod. The changelog via google translate:

      - The starvation and thirst of animals has been slightly optimized. Nothing happens on the first day without food or water. Weight loss was also somewhat reduced. However, the animals now lose 1x weight if water OR food is missing and 2x weight if both are missing. If there is a lack of water or food or both for more than 4 days in a row, the animals lose 2x or 4x weight.
      - Slightly adjusted MJ/XP/XF for pigs. It is a compromise between "fattening pig" and "piglet rearing". As soon as the pig has given birth to piglets, the MJ values increase as feed and nutrient intake also increase due to the high milk requirement.
      - Fixed a bug that after the birth of the offspring could not be placed on the farm pasture. There was an incorrect "spawn point" defined in the XML.
      - A pigsty was placed in the yard. Like the cows and bulls, the pigs are looked after via a display in the barn. 56 pigs (7 groups of 8 pigs each) can be kept. The feed supply can be done individually per task in the display panel, or uniformly for all animals via a general feed tank. The feed can be unloaded directly into the feeding trough in the stable or it can be filled into the two silos in front of the pigsty. Both work in the same way.
      - Pigs also need water and straw. Water also comes fully automatically from the water tower on the farm, the straw can be strewn in the pigsty using bales.
      - Tied some new shelters around the pigsty and the bullsty and paved the floor.
      - A manure pump was also placed on the front of the pigsty next to the feed silo. There you can load the pig manure, which has been integrated into the game as a new type of fertilizer. There is also another dung heap on the front, on which the pig dung now collects. Also a new fertilizer in the game.

      - The feed mixer has been given a "grain sump", i.e. a small ramp with a grid, into which the raw materials for the feed mixture can be filled. Thanks to @Pebcak for letting me use this model from one of his mods.
      - The feed mixer, the manure heap in the dairy cowshed, the manure heap in the pigsty, the liquid manure pump in the pigsty, the entrances and exits to the bull barn and pigsty were connected to the transport network. It should now be possible for the AI to reach these points via task (transport, animal transport) fully automatically and approach them correctly. The tests showed that the AI not only stubbornly follows a path, but that the AI tries to anticipate the situation in a certain way. The problem is that in certain constellations it can be the wrong decision, in others the decision is exactly right. Different situations arise when the turning radii change due to different tractors and trailers or the combination is suddenly (much) longer or shorter. I tried to test it with different constellations. I think it often works, but maybe not always.
      - Some roads and paths have been approved for higher speeds. Some fields were so far away and the paths to get there were very limited in terms of speed, so that it took a long time for helpers to get there and back, for example when chopping. By increasing the maximum possible speed, some teams can now go faster, provided the team is designed for these higher speeds.
      - Some trees on field #14 have been moved so that they are now in pasture. As a result, there is more space to turn between the pasture and the field.
      - Possibly the script "StarveReviveAnimal" - which ensures that animals lose weight when there is a lack of food and water - was not correctly connected in every stable and the animals starved.
      - The feed mixer stopped working. There was no more food. Some "TankConversionController" did not start anymore. It's unclear why that was, but now it's working again.
      - The feed mixer calculated the feed amounts incorrectly when silo 4 and silo 5 were mixed and silo 4 had the higher MJ value.

      - Some "sanity checks" were installed on the feed mixer. Feed from the high seat mod did not have the correct MJ values. Sometimes the feed withdrawals were displayed with "-NAN". It is unclear why these strange values and representations sometimes occur, the script should now ensure that the values are automatically cleaned up should this phenomenon occur.
      - The piglets stay with their mother for the first 25 days after birth and can only then be moved out. During this time, the pig's food intake is increased due to the need for milk production.
      - Field grass is now also in the growth stage BBCH 70-79 still green and not already yellow.
      - For field grass and field grass silage, the density (kg/l) was increased from 0.07 to 0.33, since it is significantly heavier than hay (field grass hay, density 0.07) due to the high water content. This change automatically generates an additional yield with a factor of 5. For this reason, the price for field grass and field grass silage products (bales, loose, chaff) has been reduced by a factor of 5 at retailers. The yield in the BGA for these substances was also reduced.
      - The yield of hay (FieldgrasHay) per hectare was about 6.4t/ha (92,000L, density 0.07). Research has shown that special forage grasses and intensive fertilization result in yields of at least 10t/ha. With enough precipitation also up to 14t/ha. The yield was therefore increased from 92,000L to approx. 140,000L, which corresponds to an increase from 6t/ha to 10t/ha. If the growing season is particularly long, then the yield can increase from 100% to 130% and thus result in 13t/ha.
      - The growth phases of field grass have been slightly adjusted again. As already known from earlier versions of the CNC gameplay mod, the grass only grows in the period from around April to around the end of October. It can be cut up to 4 times during this time. It has the highest yield at BBCH 60-69, after pruning it starts at BBCH 20 as before.
      - Grain-straw ratio adjusted. (rapeseed: 1 : 2.9 - wheat: 1 : 0.8 - barley: 1 : 0.7 - rye: 1 : 0.9 - oats: 1 : 1.1). For wheat it would mean that 1t of grain corresponds to 0.9t of straw.
      - A small chicken pen was built behind the house. Hens and geese can be kept there. The animals can be loaded and unloaded around the enclosure with the Joskin RDS. You can also load grain into the feeding trough around the enclosure. Geese and chickens were decoupled from the internal "controller" because otherwise they looked like aliens. Growth and feed consumption are now based on a simple mechanism: (a) If there is feed in the trough, the animals grow between 12-40g per day. If there is no feed in the trough, the animals lose between 12-30g per day. No matter how many animals are in the enclosure, they ALWAYS eat between 0.5kg - 4.0kg (random) of food. This mechanism is not very robust and inaccurate. We'll see if the future brings something better.

      Download v008 - 2022-03-06…7e-4c38-8d4b-e56676e456aa
    • As it is a large and complex mod i think people using it would benefit if you could create an instruction manual. I know you have provided the mod with some information as you introduced new version, though it would be great to have everything in one place. Especially if you could also write it in English.

      Also, I've noticed that after installing the mod some tutorial missions cause na error.

      I'm looking forward to further development of the mod.

      Best regards
    • Hello,

      yes Tutorials and Scenarios should be played without my Mod. I changed several things which may break vanilla game mechanics.

      What Kind of instruction manual do you expect?

      Some ingame "missions" or something in the forum to read?

      The German part is more or less some kind of "Dev Log". I think the last versions were translated.

      But I agree, Mod has grown and some ingame help or Something in the forum would be a good Idea.

      Unfortunately takes time and is not so much fun than scripting :D
    • Hi

      Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to use the translator to go through the description.

      What I meant was a kind of tutorial for your mod for people who are playing it for the first time. In my case, I had to start over a couple of times to undestand some of the mechnics. I'm still struggling with the feed mixer, but I'll manage.

      Best regards

      From what I hahve just read, I can't wait to play the new version of your mod :).