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      Nachtfalke wrote:

      Hi again,

      could it be possible that the angle when turning with the Scania and slurry trailer ist very big?
      I would assume that it should be possible to drive a narrower turn with this truck.

      Sometimes it seems it is dependent o the driving speed.

      Hi @XYZSPAIN,

      some weeks ago I was "complaining" that I feel that the steering radius of the scania trucks is to big. Further I had issues when driving from the harbor slurry pump to the trader using the AI autopilot (N) that the waypoints do not fit on the street and the truck crashes into the containers on the harbor.

      I took a look into you XML files and I found this line:

      <steering clamp="0.36" increment="0.001" accelarationFactor="0.000125" decelarationFactor="0.0005" minTurningRadius="12" steeringCenter="-1.5 0" />

      I found out the the variable minTurningRadius="12" seems to be relevant for the AI path. I changed it from 12 to 6 and this seems to fix the issue. Truck is now passing the containers on the street with correct waypoints set.

      So perhaps you should have a look at this parameter an make sure that this truck really needs a minimum turning radius of 12 meters which means a diameter of 24 meters.

      Another thing I found courious on "container_trailer.xml" is this line:

      <vehicleDrive type="VehicleNoDrive" forcedSteeringAngle="0" minSpeedForForcedSteering="0" maxSpeedForForcedSteering="20" />

      I have never seen a forcedSteeringAngle="0" value = 0. Could be a typo or I would remove this parameter. I think it defines angle e.g. when driving around a corner and the corresponding maximum speed. So if the angle is narrower it needs to drive slower than the street or vehicle would allow.

      So whatever you do with these information from my point of view at least "minTurningRadius" should be checked if it is really "radius" or "diameter" what you want and whatever the result is it must be lower to fit the actual path finding AI in the game. With value 12 I cannot pass the harbor containers and with 6 I can pass it.

      Kind regards