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    • Alternative attaching at the three-point hitch - Cattle and Crops

      Hello friends. I purchased the game a few days ago and saw a video about this manual coupling and found it very interesting, as it only exists through mods in other farming simulators, while here it would be much more detailed and realistic, in addition to being native to the game and I really liked it. I would like to know if it is still in development despite the time this video was released or if they really gave up on the project. It would be great if they finished this manual coupling project, you have my full support. I'm a game youtuber, despite having few subscribers, it would be great to be able to add several videos to my channel. Especially with this coupling system. I have friends who stopped playing this game because the manual coupling system was not finished and according to them also because there is little available machinery. But I, on the other hand, am really enjoying the game and I'm taking the tutorial seriously to know how to prepare the soil and fertilize correctly, unlike other games. Please developers, finish and release Alternative attaching at the three-point hitch! Big hugs to all and even more.
    • Hello,

      to answer the question about development:

      It was stopped in April 2021 and announced in August 2021. So verison 1.3.5.x is the latest version available and the feature you can see in there are everything we have.

      Since then the only "Gameplay Feature" Mod which was developed is this one:

      But it does not change anything on attaching system and probably noone has access to change anything on this specific attaching feature.

      As a side note:
      Many things in this game are not accessable via the Editor and for modders. Many things are developed directly in the C++ code of the game and in the engine. Unfortunately the game engine is closed source the developers could not share the code of the game because it would share game engine internals.

      So you should not expect anything more than you already have. What you have in the game is what you have. Not more, not less.