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    • v009:
      • At the hill at the windmill there is a new fabric "grain mill". You can procude flour, shred and Oatflakes.
      • The mill can be extended. you can increase storage, efficiency, hire employees.
      • The goods can be sold in the city at the super market.
      • Please check this thread: CNC-Gameplay-Mod to get some insights. Hopefully will start my CNC-gameplay-Mod Wiki in the future to explain features more in detail.
      • Please read the complete changelog in the german section and use google translate or your favourite translator.
      • You need the "goods trailer mod" liked above to transport the Goods.
    • Hello,
      here is a small update to version v009-2. The update only contains small changes that I was notified of.

      • You couldn't unload straw in the pigsty with a loading wagon. This is now possible again.
      • A script was implemented in the animal stables, which empties the invisible "temp_tank". This is to prevent a FillType in "temp_tank" from preventing the loading/unloading of another FillType. e.g. there could still be some straw in the "temp_tank", which prevented you from filling it with food.
      • The "grain mill" was implemented directly in the albergtal.wld. This content has now been extracted and integrated into its own "instance". This shouldn't affect the player, it's just different for working in the editor.
      • The "farm.wld" has been edited so that another instance "farm_LSV88.wld" can be integrated. This includes some extensions to @'LSV88''s farm. If you don't want to use these changes, simply delete "farm_LSV88.wld". If @LSV88 creates an updated version of "farm_LSV88.wld", it can simply be replaced. Before the changes were outsourced to a separate instance, there were problems because both my mod and its changes edited the "farm.wld" and this led to a conflict.

      The file is on my Google Drive. The changes are so minor that I currently haven't planned to upload it to Modhoster.
      DEPRECATED - USE v009-3
    • Hello,

      small update to v009-3 which fixes some issues with the water tower, water distribution and possibility to automatically buy water.

      • Water consumption of the animals normalized again, i.e. real water consumption instead of reduction to 1/50.
      • Water price at the harbor reduced to 1/50, since the animals are drinking more again, the price must also go down
      • The script for distributing water from the water tower has been slightly optimized so that hopefully all stables will now get something
      • A script was implemented at the water tower that buys water when the stock falls below 200,000L. It is then bought full until 300,000L are reached. The money for this is taken from the "company account", i.e. from the account of the grain mill. So first you have to buy "play money" at the gas station on the farm, as described in the "Wiki", and dump it into the store, then the money will also be used to buy water.

      The file is on my Google Drive. The changes are so minor that I currently haven't planned to upload it to Modhoster.
      2022-06-03 - v009-3…JZuFEX27/view?usp=sharing