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      Hello everyone. Let me ask you a question (and sorry if this bothers you). For the moment, at work, things are going a lot and I have to do a lot of 24-hour call to replace colleagues. When I'm not working, I go to my neighbors to help with their harvest at the moment (corn silage, potatoes, beets). This leaves me very little time to do what I would like to do (see not even at all) ... And I think it will be like that until late in the beginning of next year. I wanted to know, if among you, someone could help me see (my versions not being finished or even functional at all), 2 Massey Ferguson. Indeed, I had started to make the Massey 7726S from Fs19 and I would also like to make the Massey 6S (the new Massey) which was released recently on Fs19 as well. For the 7726 of which I am going to attach you the photo, lacking tutorials, I was there with "talent" as they say at home, in French-speaking Belgium and a lot of things are broken ... Not having the science infused for modding and after multiple attempts, I gave up ... So I was wondering if someone could contribute C&C material and help me or make these 2 Masseys. I know that not many people will agree with my request and I will certainly get "busted" by many of you, given the request ... I wish my models would work and put them to you in DL. .. But unfortunately, I am zero at this level and little or no tutorial in French (the only tutorials in French dating from early access) ... I thank you in advance for having read me and I thank them very much. people who can help me in this process.
      (Precision, I do not speak English or German, I only speak French and thank you Google Translate for helping translating this post).

      My best regards to all and have a great day!