Fertilizer calculator with memory field (FR)

    • Fertilizer calculator with memory field (FR)

      Hello everyone !

      Knowing that development is abandoned, however, we have a perfectly playable game in which I continue to have a lot of fun!

      On the other hand, the system of calculation for the fertilizers, I do not find it really at the top, also, I "hacked" an Excel sheet (in reality or free Office, but for the sake of sharing, converted into .xlsx) .

      Even if it is not finished, it is perfectly functional, its principle is to calculate the highest value first, then the next and finally the last.
      If you have any suggestion or even advice, I am interested.

      Some explanations :

      First, you select the field to work on (click on it to see the small arrow in the drop-down menu appear):

      It is the Vcal frame that will tell you which nutrient to process first, you must respect the proposed order because it always deals with the smallest deviation to the largest.

      In the following columns, you have the fertilizer values, the fertilizer setting, and the remaining values.
      If in this section you have negative values, you are exceeding the optimal limits.

      In the last box you have an indication of the total amount (in kg) of the fertilizer used.

      I fixed some bugs on the previous version and made improvements on version 1.5:

      You no longer select the crop in the upper table, but in the lower table, where you must fill in the NPK values of the fields that are yours:

      So you can see at a glance the NPK needs of your fields!
      If it is GREEN it means that you are in the nails with more or less 10 kg / ha (thank you to indicate to me if this margin of error seems appropriate to you).
      If it is BLUE it means that you are below the optimal values.
      If it is RED it means that you are above the optimal values.

      To improve readability, I added a column "Purchased" 0 = no - 1 = yes
      This unfortunately does not affect the "NPK" columns because they are already subject to conditions themselves (if anyone knows a tip ...)

      Feuille de calcul Fertilisant NPK 1.5

      *** IF... some body know how read any data about field in real time under linux... MERCI BEAUCOUP !!! :) :) :)
      Ubuntu 20.04 - GTX 960 - Full SSD - 48 go RAM

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