Announcement Cattle and Crops - further development discontinued

    • Cattle and Crops - further development discontinued

      Dear Community,

      We regret to inform you that we are discontinuing the further development of Cattle and Crops. Unfortunately, due to low sales figures, it is not economically possible to keep the necessary development team working on this project.

      We realise that this news is very disappointing for all of you. For ourselves, it is also a very, very big disappointment and the most difficult decision in our company's history. Over the past years together we have invested all our energy and all our resources in the project. But now we have reached a point where it is no longer economically viable to continue.
      As a company, we cannot escape the rules of the market economy. Therefore, we and our staff have to focus on other projects from now on.

      We thank you for all the years you have been loyal to Cattle and Crops. We would have liked to continue developing a complete world of agriculture with you for a long time. Together we have managed to create an agricultural simulator that is close to reality and that teaches the player knowledge through detailed tutorials and missions. This is what Cattle and Crops will continue to be.

      Your MBB team
    • I got so much hope for multiplayer. That was only thing that game lack verry much. This only feature coudl rise the sell of game and coud be done much earlier. This annoucmend is shame anyway. I got hope for this game to be real game change in farming simulators but without fun with friends it's just much likely waste of time. Not that was annouced on kikstarter years ago. At the state it is now it got so much potential and all this gona be waste. Another just try after Agrar Simulator 2013 or Farm Expert 2017.
    • so basically they have stopped working on this project due to poor sales I get that

      I paid extra the 12 month dlc package via the website and now I wont receive these due to them shutting it down

      If they have stopped making it why is it still for sale on steam and their website without a public announcement on both of their sales places to let new customers know before they shell out their money as I think this is wrong and misleading to these people.

      I was one of the very very early backers for this game and I have struggled to find out that the development has stopped only way I did was find out on a comment on a video for farming simulator 22 even then I struggled to find information until someone told me someone had mentioned it on their discord


      PS even has a support us link at the bottom of this thread
    • Sales should be stopped before the news of discontinuation is released.

      And to those who invested in this project before release of 1.0. You have to remember that this was an investment in a project. Not a purchase of a game. There is always a risk involved with investments. Here we all bit the bullet. In 100 years this won't matter.

      And for the people behind cattle and crops. For future reference. Turn to the global community. That's where the money is.
      Rolling out 1-2 hour long streams in only german with 30 second summaries in english won't attract customers outside Germany.

      And now in hindsight. My question from January 21 2018 Q & A comes to mind.
      Your questions #1
      Was the C4/tombstone engine up to the task? IIRC There was no possibility to optimize the game prior to release of 1.0.

      We can only speculate how many possible players this project lost due to these two points.

      Here's to hoping for "the other game".