Scenario 2

  • Hello

    I've encountered a problem while playing scernario 2. At some point I was aksed to collect hay bales from the fields. While doing so it stared to rain and I got a message to secure them. This is where it becomes unclear. I am playing Polish version and the translation is sometimes faulty to say the least, thus it makes the instructions difficult to understand at times.

    Let's get back to the main problem.

    I have some bales alredy loaded on the trailer and two of them are still on the filed when it starts to rain. The messages says I can't make it to the contractor becuase of the rain and I should transport them to my farm first. The problem is I can't strap the bales. There is no key binding to that and when i swirtch on the circular menu there;s no option to do that too. Even if I scroll through all of them (the tractor, the front loader and the trailer) it is nowhere to be found.

    I've tried going back to my farm but nothing happens. I believe strapping the bales should trigger another action but as I can't do that, nothong else happens. Has anyone had a simialr problem?
  • Thanks, I'll try that out straight away.

    The post was edited 1 time, last by jurandus1: Ok, it worked fine. It seems that you need to have strapping checked in the gameplay options like you said, otherwise you won't be able to finish the task. As I was trying to play as realistic as possible I didn't check that box. Autoload isn't necessary though. Thanks again. ().