Pinned Performance Update v1.3.5 (30 Mar. 2021)

    • Performance Update v1.3.5 (30 Mar. 2021)

      Today's performance update includes a completely new method of rendering the plants. This allows much higher visibility of the vegetation. In addition, the French translation has been reworked completely.

      The visibility is now allowed up to 300 meters when using “Ultra” and up to 500 meters when using the Photo mode. Basically, the problem with the previous CPU bottleneck has been fixed. In the options, the “Vegetation fading start distance” setting has been removed as it’s no longer needed.

      Because the new default values for the graphics settings are higher than before, every user should check or set them again.



      • NEW New vegetation rendering

      • BUG FIX Missing button assignment and display with Xbox controller fixed
      • BUG FIX Tutorial “Baling straw” can be finished again
      • BUG FIX Maize feed animation when forage harvesting now shows single plants again instead of four at once
      • BUG FIX Maize is harvestable again below BBCH 80, but a very low yield
      • BUG FIX Fixed game freeze when fast forwarding for long periods of time while a lot of swath exists on the fields

      • CHANGE French translation has been reworked completely
      • CHANGE Distance colors for all fruit types revised
      • CHANGE More shader markers placed at the farm for better performance
      • CHANGE Vegetation texts in graphic settings revised and simplified

      • NOTE The soil tutorials, introduced with the previous update, are only available in German and English at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience
    • with the lasts Updates its nearly a big jump in virtual Farming some parts are still missing and some DLC "i think"
      will come out later must be "a strategic decision" <.< i Respekt that.
      even with all the stuff that allready integradet in the game "I" and "We" still find some new stuff that we want to be in the game..
      a perfekt Farming sim shoud be a never ending Story. for me "I will always find things to be new or to be better"
      its hard to concetrate on just things that are a must for the game and the community.