Update (12 Feb. 2021)

    • Update (12 Feb. 2021)

      As you have already noticed, our bugfix update has been delayed a bit. We've added a few new features to the game that didn't make it into last year's Christmas update. We have now added hose connections to just about all vehicles and implements that automatically connect when attached. There is a distinction between hydraulics (plus and minus), electrics and other circuits. Instructions for modders will be made available in the next few days.

      Additionally, the three-point and four-point hitch upper links are now put into a transport position when not in use. Furthermore, the Logitech SDK has been integrated, so you have the possibility to adjust the spring strength of your steering wheel.

      The vehicle preview in the store menu has received a garage hall instead of a simple black background, in which the vehicle can be viewed. There were also many other small changes and bug fixes that further improve the game experience.

      Among other things, we've also used the time since New Year's to look at attaching equipment to three- and four-point hydraulics. We’ve made significant improvements in the alignment logic: the upper link is now always adjusted, if possible, so that the attachment is straight at its working height. This results in implements being able to stand and work more cleanly on the field.

      As always, the changelog will give you all details.


      • BUG FIX Fixed bug that would lead to a crash when unloading the Claas Tucano combine


      • NEW Radio cab controls in all tractors, including showing the stream title in the display
      • NEW Steering wheel stiffness adjustment: Logitech SDK integration
      • NEW Hoses, hoses, hoses: Hydraulic and electrical connections between vehicles (currently not implemented in Lemken Juwel and Hammer corn seeder for technical reasons)
      • NEW Shop preview: garage model instead of solid color background
      • NEW Three- and four-point hitch upperlinks are now stored in a transport position when not in use
      • NEW [MODDING] There is a new script method "Cancel Event" to cancel Activate, Deactivate, Change and Relative Change
      • NEW [MODDING] You can specify a marker that indicates the camera position instead of calculating it using the bounding box when generating a shop preview image
      • NEW Hour meter and odometer installed in the cockpit of the vehicles

      • BUG FIX Fixed a save game bug that prevented you from completing the first scenario
      • BUG FIX The vehicle debug window is no longer displayed after loading a save game
      • BUG FIX AI employees no longer circle backwards around waypoints when working in the field
      • BUG FIX Animal transport task calculates transported quantity correctly
      • BUG FIX Road connection from the contractor's liquid fertilizer tank back to the road added
      • BUG FIX Harvesting tasks where you as the player drive the tractor can now be completed correctly
      • BUG FIX AI tasks with mower no longer mow the field twice
      • BUG FIX Vehicle camera no longer shakes at certain angles
      • BUG FIX Fixed crash when reloading a machine while attaching it
      • BUG FIX Helper AI ignores fill level of shovel attached to front loader
      • BUG FIX Wheel dirt is saved correctly
      • BUG FIX Vehicle combinations no longer fly through the air after task start
      • BUG FIX Assignment problems with attachments in helper tasks fixed
      • BUG FIX Radial menu now reacts to clicks independently of the framerate
      • BUG FIX Claas Jaguar with trailer can now be emptied in the silo
      • BUG FIX Unfinished square bales in the Claas Quadrant baler now also have stalks at the sides after loading a save game
      • BUG FIX Path display and autopilot problems with very sharp turns/path changes fixed
      • BUG FIX MB Trac tires no longer protrude into the bodywork
      • BUG FIX Helpers no longer block the entrance to field 22
      • BUG FIX Köckerling Rebell Classic: Disc rotation speed reduced
      • BUG FIX Köckerling Rebell Classic 410, 520: Packer rollers run straight again
      • BUG FIX If the AI is already standing on the field it is supposed to harvest, it now drives correctly to the field entrance

      • CHANGE Hungarian language support improved
      • CHANGE When machine/employee rental period ends during an active task, a popup with corresponding warning appears
      • CHANGE When chopping, AI helpers can now also be sent away
      • CHANGE Optimized evasive maneuvers of helpers, oncoming helpers should now no longer evade in the same direction
      • CHANGE The foldable silage blades by Bressel und Lade are now put into transport mode by the autopilot
      • CHANGE [PERFORMANCE] Animals further away from the camera, such as bulls in the barn, no longer get physics updates
      • CHANGE SurfaceTypes outside the field now have noise, meaning they are no longer perfectly flat when driving
      • CHANGE Radial Menu: visualization of the “rear” rings decreased in size
      • CHANGE Hydraulic lifting height of all MB Tracs increased
      • CHANGE Wheel suspension on Hammer CornKing increased, resulting in less tire deformation
      • CHANGE Alignment of equipment to three- and four-point hydraulics improved: Implements are - if possible - oriented so they are straight when lowered to their respective work height
      • CHANGE After field cultivation is completed, the AI drives to a parking position at the field and does not stop in the field entrance. This means that different helpers no longer obstruct each other in a field

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    • From my experience at least the first ~10 minutes are in english and german and contain the new upcoming features.
      The rest 2-3hrs of the stream is commonly just "smalltalk" and "when dou you fix this" and "what about MP" and "I said this one hour ago but I repeat it for new viewers - MP is ...".

      So from my perspective you do not miss (much) information if you skip the german part.

      I think the problem is not english at all but it is the fact that you have to stream, play talk and the repeat everything a second time in english which means you are talking non-stop 3hrs.