Binding 3 analog axis to quickslots conflict

  • Binding 3 analog axis to quickslots conflict

    If I bind 3 analog axis to quickslots, the 3rd. blocks movement from the 1st.

    Example: Claas Arion with frontloader and silage bucket:

    -Bind joystick Y to quickslot 1, Bind joystick X to quickslot 2, Bind joystick Z (twist handle) to quickslot 3,
    -From radial menu, Assing frontloader lift to quickslot 1, Assing frontloader tool tilt to quickslot 2, assing silage bucket claws to quickslot 3.

    Now if you use quickslot 3, the Z axis, it will block movement of Y axis. They cannot be moved simultaneously.

    Can be done with the Tucano too, bind 3 axis to header lift, reel up-down and fwd-backward.

    I know the silage bucket claws, and reel movement are visual only and sdoes not affect game play, but maybe with some future tool or mod you need 3 axis same time.