What to do if the launcher doesn't work anymore

  • What to do if the launcher doesn't work anymore

    Due to an expired (and subsequently renewed) certificate on the server, existing CnC installations on Linux (from before August 31st 2020) using the Launcher don't work anymore (Steam is not affected!).

    Thankfully the fix is easy enough: Download globalsign.zip and extract the contained globalsign.crt to CattleAndCrops/Certs/
    (that directory should already contain COMODORSACertificationAuthority.crt and DSTRootCAX3.crt).
    Afterwards the launcher should work again; no need to reinstall the game :)

    We just updated the Linux launcher download on the download page so new installations aren't affected.
    NOTE: This is Linux specific, on Windows the launcher should work again without doing anything.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

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