Status Update 13 Sep 2019

    • Some People forget that MBB is an New Team that never Release a Game before. they are Modders that follows a Gigant Dream.
      They spent all theirs private money (I belive, if i am right) bevore they went to kickstarter to save this Projekt.
      (and that just Because LS never get one real step forward)
      This Group of Modders just startet a Projekt to bring virtual Farming on a higher Level.
      And their progress brings Ls forward to dont fall back (like i heard they worked on dynamic ground)(Yay)
      this progress is thanks to C&C i think.

      The other point is that MBB oftern reworked things that the Community wants to change, that costs a lot of Time.
      Like the Controller User Aktion Menu, now the work on the Glass to watch through, and the Dammann now gets totaly reworked
      they reworked things that where already finish. Like The BGA, the Silo, the fertilizer, the display, the controller user Aktion Menu
      and a lot of things that i forget.

      Normal Developers Work strickly to a target, whitout listen to the Community .
      efficient and fast. MBB makes the game better and better but this uses time again.
      No developer ever gets this Way before and thats why this way is so stony.
      please dont expect more than possible,
      be tolerant and dont foget that MBB are just Humans like us.
    • I would guess he has certainly GPU from Nvidia family.

      I have AMD R9 280X and also have mostly 18-30 fps. At the farm is it usually better.
      It is time to upgrade a little and I try also Nvidia. Change is life :) .

      CPU Type - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz
      GPU Type - Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon R9 280X 3,072 GB GDDR5
      GPU Driver - Radeon Software Version 17.12.1
      RAM - 8 GB
      Win 7 64bit
    • With CNC it is almost more important to have a CPU with a high IPC.
      The game needs a high singlecorperformance.

      When Ryzen 3000 came on the market, I switched from my old i7 3770K@4.2Ghz to a Ryzen 5 3600X.

      I can say that my FPS in CNC have increased by up to 20FPS.

      The lowest I've seen is when mowing grass at night with the light on, I have 20 FPS, sometimes a little underneath.
      Otherwise I always play about 40 - 80 FPS in 1440p.
      I am still a bit disadvantaged because I still have a Vega 56 in my system with the old GCN architecture.
      With this the OpenGL processing is not as good as with Nvidia.

      Since AMD has been following the new RDNA architecture for graphics cards, there has been some progress in OpenGL games.
      AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, 32GB DDR4 3800Mhz, Gigabyte X570 Elite, AMD Radeon RX 6900XT, BeQuiet! Straight Power 850W, BeQuiet! Pure Base 500DX weiß, Monitor LG 35WN65C, Saitek Seitenkons., HP Reverb G2
    • @Lee01Mr i do not understand, you are right . how can you give feedback on some software that cannot be use ? if the game runs at "15-30" FPS what feedback is this ? the feedback you all give is wrong. And if the dev team implement and change the game how you ask then all of you have ruin this beautiful project.

      instead of asking for gear box you ask for x box controllers
      instead of asking for performance you ask for dirty windows
      Instead of asking for realtime physics engine you ask for xxxxxxxx
      All of this details are < 0 if the machine your driver (you spend 90% of your time driving) feels like you drive on ice all the time

      So no i do not understand and i cannot understand how a game in 2019 with RTX and i7 9xxx and AMD CPUS with 32 cores is that bad, i play bather games 10 years ago.

      And all of you can be mad and frustrated on me :) Cause of people like me who have standard games will and they improve, cause of people like you who accept all the crap and find excuses we are full of micro transaction and bug games

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