Status Update 12 July 2019

    • Status Update 12 July 2019

      After having introduced the dynamic silo heaps recently, today’s a good day to check out the silo fermentation covers and the silo control panels. We start off with a filled silo which can be covered using our new computer control system. After a fermentation time of about two months it can be uncovered piece by piece for the following removal. The texture is not final and will be adjusted in color.

    • Due to the changes to the nodes and InfoForTaskIDs in the missions they had to be tested and consequently some bugs had to be fixed to make them work properly again. Furthermore the task creation has to be tested because the silos have been changed so that the tasks have different access to their contents.

      The BGP will be further modified and equipped with mission IDs on the nodes, so we can check the condition to know if the bunker cover is open or closed, or buttons on the panel have been pressed. We need these parameters, for example, for mission creation.

      Through the introduction of NPK fertilization and the dynamic weather with its different factors, we have noticed that the background is very complex and diverse. Since we have to ensure that enough nutrients can be supplied to the soil at all times, we have decided to release the Rauch Axis 30.1 W already in the upcoming update. The adjustment and balancing of this new machine is currently being carried out.

      The update will most likely be released next week.