Ideas for the gameplay in Cattle and Crops

    • Not in any particular order.

      Machinery maintenance, depreciation and refurbishing with random effects.
      AI returning machinery to shed automaticaly after tasks.
      AI employees assigned to pools of work required and get the machinery available instead of being assigned to it.
      Rodents(rats, mouses etc), plagues and fungus in crops and silos.
      Side soil preparation with manure.

      Im from brazil and my family "worked the land" for three generations that grow often corn, wheat, soy, and suggar cane and one of the most important task after a harvesting is get the harvester to the shed afterwards - and i meant a good shed that is a mix between a car wash and repair shop - to clean it and do a full check up. And the time to fix a harvester or receive parts from factory if something broke is unbelievable.
      We had four to five cats killed by mice attack last decade before rework of our silos and pest controls. You wouldn't believe the power of destruction of a colony with thousands of field mices ! They make their nests out of the plastic bag of the poison. I saw once they gather around one of the employees throwing BASF storm rodenticide like chicken starving waiting for the corn.

      Lets make this game great!
    • Nybyggarn wrote:

      So one thing i've noticed is that the field edges is really hard. When i leave the feld it becomes a hard bump. I think it should get harder but more in a gradually way? Now it feels like hitting a concret edge!
      I noticed this too, when letting the AI plough field 11 for me: It got stuck every now and then on the edges, digging itself in further. Though once youre in the dynamic field it is beautiful to see and drive.
    • I haven't seen it mentioned yet but I have recently gotten into VR and I would love to see that implemented as well as more dynamic terrain. When I drive over an area of grass several times it should cause the grass to lie down and eventually just turn to dirt as well as cause ruts to form if the ground is soft.

      ***After posting I viewed the roadmap and saw that VR is now in the works and that dynamic terrain is still a work in progress which I'm happy to see. I did see that controllers is at 95% but I'm hoping that my G27 will have more functionality than is currently allowed. I would like to be able to bind my controller's shifter to an action like raise/lower implement for instance or to be able to actually use my clutch pedal.
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    • So there will be seasons in this game. Here in Sweden quite often during the winter the farmers plow the roads nearby earning some extra or just to be kind.

      I fear that during the winter we won't have much to do in game. Why not add the posability that some one ask for you too plow their road or maybe even the town ask you too help out after a snowfall?
    • When I think about my control button layout for upcomming Claas Tucano, I have an idea.

      It would be great to have possibility to add control of vehicle motion forward / backward to cross mouse method.
      It means to have possibility to control the vehicle drive by mouse except the joystick axle or W and S key, by adding this feature to one of quickslots.

      Or if possible to develop some separate system in the future (at least for machines which alow that - especially combines). This system would activate after entering particular vehicle.
      For example there would be S shape CMOTION icon on the right side of the screen, which would be activated by clicking and holding left mouse button. If the L mouse button would be held and mouse slowly moved forward, the S shape icon would show how far is the lever moved forward by filling with some colour as is it now in cross control method. The in-cab concole lever would also move aAccording to the S shape icon. And the speed of the vehicle would also be set according to the possition of the lever. For example, if the control lever is at maximum forward, max speed at gear 1 would be 10-12 km/h. Motion would be possible only with L mouse button held. If the button would be released, the position of the lever would stay and you might use mouse for looking around and other activities. Pressing of release mouse button would have to cancel the motion mouse control.
      If you would like to brake, you would have to push left mouse button and pull the mouse to you -> icon would show the position in zero. If you would like to go backward, you would have to move the mouse slightly right and then back -> icon would again show the position of the lever. If you would like to brake, from moving backward, you would simply hold L mouse button and push the mouse forward to zero position. To move forward - you would move the mouse left and forward as necessary to keep required speed.

      I hope the description is at least a little bit understandable.
      Most likely it's the utopia, but it would be big leap forward to keep some reality (mouse is simillar to CMOTION lever) and avoid necessity to move your hand from mouse to joystick and back again for looking around. At least untill the track IR is active, though not all will have track IR.

      I would be glad, if devs at least think about it. If this feature is even possible to implement.

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      GPU Type - Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon R9 280X 3,072 GB GDDR5
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      RAM - 8 GB
      Win 7 64bit
    • I don't know if i have brought this up before (was not able to find it atleast) but it would be cool that instead of just a dirt map, you have maybe three dirt maps (one for mud, one for dust, and one for forage spill) and a 'wear and tear map'. The wear and tear map would work like the dirt maps but you can't just wash it away and is full of small damage to the plastic and such so it doesen't always look like new. This would ofcourse 'progress' faster then a regular dirtmap.

      Maybe even an 'rust map' that progress even slower?

      This will sum up in alot of maps but they are just some suggestions because as of now i'm not able to even see the dirtmaps i think.
    • Nybyggarn wrote:

      I don not know how demanding this is but haveing it so that the radio keeps playing in the tractor when you get out would be cool. So i can hear how the tractor is blasting music wile i connect my implement or similair. Adds a bit of immersion but might be to demanding for what immersion you get out of it.
      There is already an option to have radio playing on outside or inside the tractor BUT would be cool to have local sound for it so you can hear muffled sound while you are outside of the tractor in a small radius.
    • Lee01Mr wrote:

      Would love to see local farmers work on the fields aswell. Some with little old tractors and the new big equipment. Amd help each other out etc etc. Very demanding to make but gosh how awesome could it be!!.
      ^ THIS

      Would be cool to have AI`s working on fields that we dont own... just to make it living world :) doesnt need to be every single field but couple just to add to the immersion would be cool
    • Hello Here
      I really like your work, and i so excited.
      been on FS 13 to 15 to 17.

      I who'd love if you did a farming school education in game, basic farming, basic animals, basic equipment, and repairs, to advance and expert. like in real life where you have to educate your self to be a farmer. whit basic knowledge of wheat corn animals etc etc.

      i know its early acces,
      The mini map whoud be great if it was on a small gps in the cockpit, and im missing the custom POV up down back forward side slide. like ETS
      shoud be a clean cockpit no HUD when in tractor.

      Support for multiple screens whit out the fish ZOOM on outer screens.

      and help gps for fields in cockpit "screens." like real farmers

      and manual attactment, filling and no instan swapping machines. coud just be a x in game options to turn on off :)

      thats my 9 cents for now
      amazing what i see in this early access
    • TheCoCe wrote:

      You can already move your camera by using the Instert, Delete, Home, End, PgUp, PgDown Keys
      Stuff like manual attaching was prototyped before. The current focus is to get the basics working though so it might take a while until then.
      Here's a little Video that shows the prototype:

      How the hell did i miss this one :D i did hear you will be able to manually do stuff but this is amazing :) really like it.
    • Running 6020 - 1080 ressulution. and if possible a 45 degre X in options to take care of the edges. atm the screens are in on stright line. (wife don't like that)

      Worker coud use horn when his wagon is at 90 % 1 time and at 99% 2 times.
      Like the feautre in fs where the worker in harvester use the rotary at 90 to indicate it need to emty.
      And missing the feture to let a worker take over the tractor whit the equipmet on a field.
      worker shoud have a house, so he drive from home to work and so on.

      Missing keyBind: 4 wheel drive, long light, window wiper.

      Animation climbing in/out and taking the seat of machines.

      Gps and app like:…/advanced-farming-systems…telematics/operation-tips

      Editor to make your own map. and import fbx objects.
      Will bushes interact whit the tractor when driven over ? Logging and forrost equipment. able to cut down trees and bushes and plant new.
      Rebuild repair and paint the farm to make it more personal. (maintain fences etc)
      able to buy other farms. rent fields. buy factories etc. and end whit a large industial farm.
      abel to breed own animals.
      after harvest, auto grow grass after a week, that can be harvestet if you let it grow. plowed no grass. cultivated grass grow after a 3 weeks if not seedet.
      adjustable "working" light front back side. not driving light.

      FOV backcamera whit 45 degree down looking at the hydraulic hitch, towbar, so you get the right angel when backing to attach equipment.
      FOV Miss a green bottum to indicate the equipment is ON, when looking forward :)
      FOV 6-8 clicks back (end)
      FOV 4-6 down (ins)

      And a education side.
      You all moste have lots off it in your missions.
      How to Become a Farmer
      Step 1: Obtain Relevant Education
      Step 2: Acquire Work Experience
      Step 3: Become Certified
      Step 4: Enroll in Continuing Education Courses
      (step 4 repair your own equipmet, paint service and continuing to improve and enhance a farmer's skills. Programs are flexible and designed for busy farmers and agricultural professionals. Technical classroom or laboratory instruction may be given as part of the continuing education course.)

      Hardcore game play.
      Manual attactment
      Manual opening trailers for unloading.
      No teleportation machines
      No automated gates

      Im having a blast in this game, your doing a amazing job !

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    • I know repairs is mentioned in the first post. But I was just thinking about when they will add seasons, what there then will be to do in the winter and then I also started to think about Gold Rush The Game. Where all machines and equipments has parts that will wear down and eventually break. So I was thinking how cool that system would be in this game, so you can spend the winter upgrading/fixing your machines and equipment, and ofc it can also happend during field work that something breaks(but add it so it's small chance for that to happen if you have repaired in the winter)

      So then im mainly thinking spending winter to change oil and fuel filter, oil, wheel bearing, timing belt, brakes etc etc

      (Btw, I know NOTHING about tractors so I just mention typical car parts :P )
    • I wish to contribute with this thread.

      The landscape is fantastic, and the weather system is cool, but it could have a display showing the air temp, soil temp for seeding/growing purposes, different seasons, a detailed weather forecast where you could buy expensive equip like a weather station to get more accurate readings, etc.). Also, It should have the sound of the rain falling (there´s none) with some thunders (maybe three different sounds for light rain, rain, and heavy rain with thunderstorms).

      I would love to see some immersion too, not just start out with a farm with a bunch of equip and some fields. It would be cool to start out with some money (maybe a credit line in the bank - loan ) and then you had to spend it wiseley, having to choose which farm would suit your needs (we could have three or four choices of farms to decide on each map), and decide if we would spend on equip, fields, farm upgrades, layouts, etc. Also they could implement food and resting for the farmer thus affecting condition and therefore impacting on productivity (harvesting tired would yield 10% less crops, and so on).

      Maybe adding some AI farmers to have some sort of competition, affecting the market, or even social integration would be nice.

      I wish this game gets better and better.