IDEA: Settings description missing - UI should have more descriptions for settings like Freeze, Auto Stack, Clog, graphics settings, ...

  • gheazu wrote:

    Missing description and information
    What this option do
    Always use full Throttle ?
    Clog ? what is that ? when to use it and why
    Freeze ?

    Hi @gheazu and @Alp,

    I am pretty sure you know what these options mean and do and just want to get an additional information in the menu.

    But to clarify it for others:

    Always use full throttle:
    Tractor uses full throttle, 100%. If disabled it only uses 60% throttle as far as I know.

    the Claas Quadrant and the Strautmann CFS (Giga-Vitesse) use an Pickup to catch the grass. The pickup has a limited and small tank. If the swaths are to big or you drive to fast the amount of grass/hay is to big to fit into the Pickup and it stops working. So you have to stop (B) the machine, leave the tractor and clean the pickup. If you do not want to use this feature (pickup clogging) then just disable it in the menu.

    At the moment there is no possibility ingame to "fix" the bales on the Joskin Wago. So there is a "virtual" option to fixes bales on the Joskin with the "Freeze" option. The freeze option also works on the bale fork so that you can stack several bales over each other and they will not fall to the ground when driving to fast. The option to "freeze" and "auto stack" in the gameplay menu als enables the POSSIBILITY to use these features ingame in the User Actions on the right site of the screen. If you disable this option in "Gameplay" these user actions are not visible ingame.

    You have to freeze every new bale on the Joskin. So klicking "freeze" will freeze all loaded bales. If you add another one this one is not freezed. You need to freeze it again. And of course you can unfreeze all bales if you like.