Status Update - Bale Handling

    • I have only drive a couple of tractors with hydraulic suspension or assistance/damping and we are going back a few years here, but normally there is a internal button or external lever that opens/closes a valve that blocks off the left and right hydraulic accumulators thus locking the suspension height while at the same time another valve (working opposite to the former valve) operates that allows cross-flow between the left/right hydraulic cylinders via a balance-pipes, thus permitting the front wheels to move up and down in a diametrically opposed fashion just like a conventional beam-axle with a central pivot, so when heavy load is placed on the front axle like in loader operations on tractor with hydrostatic front suspension it doesn't compress, but the front wheels can still conform to terrain undulation vs the ridged rear axle.

      one would assume modern tractors have taken this still further and employ self-levelling systems hydrostatic front suspension, meaning while you still have suspension for shock or fast transient loads, slower applied loads like from loaders or lifting implements cause a raise in pressure in the hydrostatic front suspension in order to maintain the suspension height, then as the load reduces so dose the pressure in the hydrostatic front suspension.

      if modern tractors with hydrostatic front suspension didn't have something from the above, then they would be the last tractor you could wish for ANY job that requires a heavy front mounted load and precision operation of that load.

      now I have no personal knowledge of the Claas PROACTIV front suspension system, but from a quick look at the images on google, there are balance pipes, left/right compression accumulators and a single rebound accumulator servicing both left and right rams, and electro hydraulic valve blocks isolating the accumulators and opening the balance pipes, so I would be fairly confident in saying there would be an electrical "button" or "switch" to turn off and on the suspension function dependent on job.
    • With all this you just forgot to mention that despite of blocking the suspension you still have to do with the effect of the weights on the tires that are also a non blockable suspension.
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