CNC at the Lemken Press Days

    • CNC at the Lemken Press Days

      The last two days we took part in the Lemken press days and were able to experience new machines like the Rubin 10 live on the acre and present them in Cattle and Crops.
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    • Coming back to this thread from the Lemken presentation from 4 years ago. Looking at what has been presented (a few more photos here), for example Lemken Rubin 10, which has not been released for the game at all.. but it is shown on the already updated Masterbrain-bytes website (coming to their website in March 2022 - there were no changes and information), I can say that the game is already based on an engine known as Unreal Engine. Why do you ask where my conclusions are from? I can say that the game has been planned to switch to this engine for a long time, and all the photos that are posted on their website are based on. My question is why now the official website has been updated after 3 years showing and basing new pictures already on the Unreal Engine. When will the plan from Masterbrain Bytes officially decide on the next steps, where on the stream it informed that there are no more funds for its further development?

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