CNC Birthday and EA update release v0.2.1.0

    • CNC Birthday and EA update release v0.2.1.0

      On June 6 2017 the first version of Cattle and Crops has been released. We have chosen this day as the official birthday for CNC and in celebration of this occasion we have started a discount action for all of you.

      From now on (06/08/2018 until 06/16/2018) you get 30% discount in the shop on our homepage. The discounts also apply to upgrades of already existing accounts!

      In addition we have also released an update. With v0.2.1.0 we again have made some improvements and fixed some bugs. The worker has been further reworked in the field of chopping and threshing. The vehicle/implement combinations shouldn’t take unnecessary turns any longer and a smooth transfer for chasers during driving now works as well.

      The task system has been enhanced, you can assign yourself for more tasks as driver now. This works for the animal transport task and for harvesting, you can choose the Jaguar/Tucano here. More tasks will follow.

      All other changes, bug fixes and news you can look up in our changelog as always.

      We want to express our greatest gratitude for all the support that you have helped to shape the development of Cattle and Crops with. To a successful future!

      Your MBB team


      • NEW: We have taken the first steps towards 4K - most of the UI elements should now also work for resolutions beyond Full HD
      • NEW: Players can now assign themselves to an animal transport task and chopping mission
      • NEW: The Tucano now puts out error messages, e.g. when the working mode is being deactivated while the machine is still running

      • BUG FIX: AI behaviour when harvesting has been reworked:
        • Chasers perform no unnecessary turns on the field
        • When a chaser drives to a moving target, he updates the route in between
        • Chasers don’t drive to a harvester when it’s unload pipe isn’t extended
        • Smooth transfer for chasers

      • BUG FIX: After the harvest the workers now drive to the silo that has been assigned to them
      • BUG FIX: A new chaser now also drives to the harvester when a full chaser is still waiting for the harvester’s turning maneuver
      • BUG FIX: When you fully turn in the Arion with the Dammann attached, the crossbeam doesn’t extend into the cabin any longer
      • BUG FIX: The Verti-Mix unloads correctly again in the mission
      • BUG FIX: Particles have been added to the screw in the Tucano corn tank
      • BUG FIX: The tank of the Hammer seed unit is now empty when you buy it
      • BUG FIX: The discs of the Rebell 300 have correct textures again
      • BUG FIX: The strong culling of the fill plane in the Joskin has been fixed

      • BUG FIX: The mission “The bulls are back in town” can be completed regularly again
      • BUG FIX: In some cases brown maize was supposed to be harvested. This bug has been fixed
      • BUG FIX: The save game bug when storing crops has been fixed. Crops can be safely stored at the farm again
      • BUG FIX: The date bug of the mission “Good crops” has been fixed and the mission is now also available in the second season
      • BUG FIX: Deleted key bindings are saved correctly again after restarting the game

      • CHANGE: The pathfinding and turn navigation of the AI on the field has been improved resulting in less fruit getting destroyed
      • CHANGE: From now on a progress bar is displayed when you assign a task to yourself, e.g. spreading slurry
      • CHANGE: The particle animation of the Tucano is now being stopped when it unloads into the trailer and continues when the grain tank of the Tucano is empty
      • CHANGE: The pulling in of the maize is now always visible from the cabin of the Jaguar
      • CHANGE: When a task has been created for the player it is checked, if the the implements that have a tank (slurry, fertilizer etc.) are empty. If so, the player is redirected via mission marker to the right filling station/trader and then to the field
      • CHANGE: The breaking behaviour of the tractors has been further reworked
      • CHANGE: The order of the save game slots has been changed: the newest save games are now on top of the list
      • CHANGE: There shouldn’t be any “ghost shadows” of a tractor in the grass any longer
      • CHANGE: The speed of the unloading of a grain trailer has been reduced
      • CHANGE: The distance between fruit and distance texture has been reduced, resulting in a better visual transition