IDEA: Engine Speed and Transmission Keybind Suggestions

  • IDEA: Engine Speed and Transmission Keybind Suggestions

    I’m not sure if there will be any future realism enhancements in regards to the engine and transmissions controls of the vehicles. I just wanted to throw the following out there for discussion.

    We already have gear up/gear down keybinds, which is nice. However, I was hoping to see separate keybinds which allow the throttle (engine speed/RPMs) to be increased and decreased incrementally with separate keys (for example:+ and -). Right now, when I rev the engine using my forward button (W key), once I let go, the engine RPMs drop. I would like the engine RPMs to stay constant until I wanted to adjust them with the + and – keys.

    Also, for the Tucano 570 and Jaguar 960, it would be cool to have the forward and backward keybinds move the hydrostat handle forward and backwards to control ground speed. Similar to the action of a real hydrostatic transmission equipped combine. For example, holding down the W key would slowly push the hydrostat handle forward until the desired position (desired ground speed) was obtained, then the W key could be released. When stopping was required, you would simply hold down the S key until the hydrostat handle was pulled back into the starting position (no forward movement). Pressing the S key again could then pull the handle back into the reverse position and the combine would back up.

  • Good you established this thread. I'm probably similarly crazy to push the controls to the limits of realism.
    I've mentioned some notes about similar topic in other thread.

    Your advice is great. I also suggest that devs count on the improoving of the controls in the future, after main milestones will be done.
    I also miss feature of hydrostatic drive control for now.

    There is also necessary to think about controllers (joysticks, keypads) etc. Control of speed by controller's axles, not just by keys.

    For example I can describe my case. I use the joystick. I also improoved/reworked my joystick by removing of the spring and adding screw inside (to tighten the joint) and S shape lever leading. It means, I can simulate the lever keeps at chosen position, but current engine speed simulation doesn't keep constant speed (logicaly all vehicles are equipped by basic gearbox script etc.). When you goes down the slope combine speeds up and I must pull up the lever to slow or stop, because engine itself is unable to brake to required speed. That's just example.
    But I'm affraid that devs will surely support rather the most, than one or several enthusiasts who has special gaming equipment. The most has/will have standard controllers etc. so I'm starting to abandon the idea of using the joystick as primary controler for combines/forage harvesters. There is also impossibility to use POV lever at the top of joystick (for forage harvester's pipe manual movement, or combine's reel movement) since introduction of cross slider method, which is controlled by mouse only.

    Your idea is good and surely realisable (I hope so). I also bought 11 button mouse to simulate tractor/combines control lever. Lot of producers changes levers to multifunctional ergonomic handles so mouse is closer to reality.

    My idea was to develop some similar way as cross slider method for hydrostatic drive control. The tube would be S shape and the speed would be controlled by holding some mouse key and moving the mouse forward , tube would fill up untill you stop and release the button. The speed would keep at this level. If you needed to stop, you would have to push mouse button and move the mouse back untill the tube indicator would empty. To go back, you would have to move the mouse with holded button first right some distance and than back. After that forward to zero position, left and forward.
    Probably it is a big utopia for now.

    Now we must satisfie with cruise control. It is fixed for now, but it wil be adjustable soon. This may simulate similarly your idea. But you will first set required speed and than hit the button and vehicle keeps set speed. And this will be monotonnous after some time. I would miss moving the lever on the headlands etc. And also there is a problem with traction with cruise control for now.

    On the other hand current high end combine models has big scale of settings for harvest speed etc.. And after that when you hit autopilot button, it keeps set speed as cruise control.

    Well, we'll se what devs will finally come with.

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  • Well... I'm jumping aboard the "Controller Train". Personally I've got 3 DSD Button Boxes, Wheel, Shifter, joystick, and a hand throttle. All of which I can use with the other game and gearbox mod. So the good news is that I can already use my button boxes, wheel, joystick and the buttons from the hand throttle. Also we know from a previous Dev Log or Q&A (I can't remember which exactly) they said they'd be adding the functionality of the clutch pedal. With that I would assume they would add support for the shifter... but again that's an assumption.

    Now the hand throttle I have a multitude of buttons layed out on, but like you guys I'd like to see support for directly controlling RPM with this controller. I am pretty confident given how the Devs are gearing the game to the simulator fan, this type of thing will come in the future. All be it likely to happen later rather than sooner. The Devs still have lots of physics to tighten up (and they know this), and I think, tiding that up before adding more ways to control the physics would make more sense... But that's just my thought process.

    Also keep in mind the success of gearbox mod in the other game... Worst comes to worst, I'm sure someone would create such a mod for C&C (Although I agree in game integration would be better)

    Anyways these are just my thoughts,
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