Forum rules

    • Forum rules

      General forum rules for Cattle and Crops

      General interaction

      The Cattle and Crops forum serves the purpose to exchange and discuss ideas with other users. The interaction is supposed to be peaceful and civilized so the following rules apply to the entire forum.

      By participating in the forum you agree not to post content which is vulgar, obscene, sexually oriented, racist or in any other form discriminating or otherwise violating existing laws. This also applies to signatures, avatars, nicknames and links to other websites with similar content as well as content that has been censored by the author himself.

      Insults, calls for boycott and other derogatory comments are gratuitous and will be deleted immediately. Since you’re not conversing face to face, mutual thoughtfulness and respect are very important. Permanently writing in capitals and/or extreme font size are considered screaming.

      In case somebody repeatedly attracts negative attention and doesn’t change his or her behavior after being told, measures to keep the board peace will be taken.


      Every user should try to use correct orthography. Typos can be swiftly corrected through the preview and edit function. Incorrect spelled words make it harder to use the search function.

      Opening a new thread or topic

      The title of a new topic or thread should be as expressive as possible. In case you have a question it should be posed as precise as possible. Words like “help” or “urgent” don’t belong in a title.

      These are the basic rules regarding the content:
      • No attacks on other users, please just facts
      • No links to sites with illegal, pornographic, right-wing extremist or racist content
      • No swearwords or curses, not everybody is equally thick-skinned
      • No emoticon avalanches or similar spam
      • Please think of a fitting place for your post beforehand. If another (very) similar thread/topic already exists, a new thread/topic won’t get you anywhere.
      • No spam posts. Please check beforehand if the topic belongs in the smalltalk section. If you’re not sure, you can ask a moderator for help. If a post is considered spam, it can be closed or deleted and the user can be warned if need be.
      • Quotes should be kept short: if another (longer) post is quoted, please pick an adequate passage and not the entire content of the post.
      • If there is still a need for discussion, but the corresponding thread has been closed, please turn to the person who closed it.

      Search function

      A lot of the questions have already been posted and discussed and can be found via the search function. This is often the fastest way to find the answer or solution you are looking for because you don’t have to wait for other users to respond to your question.

      Private messages

      Private messages (PM) are exclusively for private and non-public topics. Support questions won’t be answered and/or discussed in private messages (e.g. the request to respond to certain topics or messages to moderators/administrators as a replacement for the search function). Advertising via PM is also not permitted.


      Commercial advertising is not permitted and will immediately be removed. Advertising noncommercial websites should be agreed upon with a moderator or administrator beforehand. Answering a direct question in a topic or a following post are exceptions. Offering or selling commodities or services in the forum is not allowed.

      If you don’t like the forum, you don’t have to repeatedly tell everyone. If you like another forum better, go to the other forum. Promotion for other forums with similar topics will be deleted without commentary.

      Promoting illegal downloads

      It is not allowed to link or to offer illegal downloads, cracks, warez, hacks, loaders, CD keys or similar things.


      When opening new topics or posts, the users of the forum have to take care that no copyrighted material is put out without declaring the source. When using pictures or graphics, illustration credits have to be included or the right holder has to be contacted.

      Rule violations

      (Warnings, bans, changes, deletions and closings)
      • Users that violate the rules will be warned
      • Subsequent violations of rules, despite warning, can lead to temporary or complete ban from the forum
      • Posts which contain insulting or illegal content can be deleted or changed by the administration
      • Topics and posts that violate the rules will be deleted without commentary if necessary
      • Personal differences are to be settled outside of the forum


      Written posts only reflect the opinion of the respective author, not the opinion of the operators. The author is responsible for the accuracy of a statement. Every visitor is liable for his/her posts. This includes for example texts, links, photos and other form of data. Third party rights mustn’t be hurt by this. The user dispenses the operator from third party claims. Posts that violate the terms of use or applicable law will be deleted by the operators or their representatives as soon as they learn of it or are being informed about it, as long as this is technically possible and reasonable. The posted content of the users isn’t revised beforehand by the operators. The provided forum system works in real time mode. It is not possible for the operators to exercise immediate control of the posted content. It can not be guaranteed that all posts are automatically checked for violations of the above-mentioned rules by the operators.