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  • Oxymoron -

    Posted the thread AI - Ai stuck, Cancel Ai Tasks, Plowing inneficiency.

    Playing full mission and free roam since new update 9.9. 1) Ai collision with harvester and trailer in field 2, 5, 8, 11. 2) Ai stuck in wet mud. 3) Ai after tasks are supposed to go to transfer area but it hangs and cause traffic jam. 4) Ai…
  • Oxymoron -

    Replied to the thread Ideas for the gameplay in Cattle and Crops.

    Not in any particular order. Machinery maintenance, depreciation and refurbishing with random effects. AI returning machinery to shed automaticaly after tasks. AI employees assigned to pools of work required and get the machinery available instead of…
  • Oxymoron -

    Posted the thread AI Bugs.

    Hello, here some bugs in AI that happened to me. 1) In Field 4 and 6. The Harvester stops moving while manouvering when facing the other AI driver towing grain. Didn't happen in field 3 and 7 so far. 2) When AI finish harvest they exit the fields without…