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    Posted the thread Radio URL links for in game radio stations.

    How to install radio links into radio player CnC I know a lot of links work and some don't on the internet but I found the following link works really well and has tons of variety: VTuner Internet Radio 1. First step is open up link 2. Find what genre
  • Sirhc221 -

    Replied to the thread AI Issue with New Harvester Mission.

    Didn't see my notifications but I did figure out going around the field is better with the A!, but thanks for the feedback!
  • Sirhc221 -

    Posted the thread AI Issue with New Harvester Mission.

    So far the mission is un-playable for the fact that the AI forager driver runs into your harvester and runs you off the field. The vehicles become stuck and there is no way to reset them. This has happened 3 out of 3 times