Pinned Linux FAQ

  • Here are some answers to frequent questions and problems.
    We will add new ones to the list and delete old problems once they're fixed.

    How do I install the game?

    Download CattleAndCrops.tar.gz from, unpack it, execute CnC-Launcher, the rest should be self-explanatory

    Where can I find savegames, screenshots etc?

    in /home/LOGINNAME/.cattle-and-crops/Profiles/PROFILENAME/

    How do I show the FPS (time window)?

    Open the console by pressing the Scroll-lock key.
    Then, apart from the console, you should get a kind of "task bar" at the bottom of the screen, including a "start butting". Click the start button, then "Time Window".
    Close the Console again and continue playing, the time window will stay on top.

    Where should I report bugs?

    Please check first if it's a known problem by searching the Bugreports & Feedback forums.
    If the problem has already been reported and you have additional information, please leave a comment in the corresponding thread.

    • If the problem hasn't been reported yet: Open a thread in a suitable sub-forum of Bugreports & Feedback.
    • If it seems Linux-specific (for example, the launcher doesn't work or the game doesn't start or crashes or freezes at startup), please report it in this forum.
    • If it seems like a general problem that (most likely) also happens on Windows, please report it in one of the other sub-forums, so the problem can be discussed with everyone who experiences it.

    How should I report bugs?

    • If possible, tell us step-by-step how to reproduce the problem.
    • It's generally useful to tell us which Hardware (CPU, amount of RAM, Graphics Card) you're using and what Operating System (Linux Distro) and which drivers.
    • For problems with the game, the Debug.log from /home/LOGINNAME/.cattle-and-crops/Debug.log usually has useful information, so attaching it the forum post is a good idea.
    • For problems with the launcher, please attach launchpad.log (should lie next to CnC-Launcher)
    • If neither log seems to hold useful information, try starting the Launcher in a terminal, especially for startup crashes of the game some helpful message might appear there that isn't logged.
    • For problems in the game it's also nice to have screenshots that illustrate the issues (with arrows or similar if the problems not obvious).

    I've saved the game and now after starting it, it crashes

    This problem should be fixed in v0. - if you still get crashes when loading savegames, please report them.

    (The old workaround:)
    Display Spoiler

    This is a known problem (that we will try to fix soon).
    A workaround is to not save, and if you did save and get crashes to delete the Player Profile.
    The easiest way to do that is to just delete all of /home/LOGINNAME/.cattle-and-crops/.

    You can however also remove the savegames ( the whole /home/LOGINNAME/.cattle-and-crops/Profiles/PROFILENAME/Save/ folder)
    and then make the game recreate the profile, by removing the playerName line from /home/LOGINNAME/.cattle-and-crops/Engine/engine.cfg).
    Next time you start the game, it'll show the Profile Creation screen again - and if you choose the same player name as last time, you'll even keep your key bindings etc.
    (If the profile is not recreated, the wrong playermodel will be used which results in crashes due to missing animations)

    Some keys that should be bound by default (e.g. Tab and left Ctrl) aren't

    This is a known problem, especially on Linux.
    We plan to fix this problem in the future, but right now you'll have to assign the missing keys manually in the Settings -> Controls -> Movement menu.

    The game doesn't start because is missing is only used by the bundled, which itself is only used, if isn't installed on your system.
    Please install the libcurl package of your distribution that contains - on Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and other Debian-derivatives this package is called libcurl3; so on those distros it can be installed with (in the Terminal) sudo apt-get install libcurl3.

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