Tutorial field start locations not quite right

  • Tutorial field start locations not quite right

    When running a tutorial (fertilizing, plowing, cultivating, etc.) I have noticed, since 0.0.8 and up to and including, that the yellow circle you drive to is often not in the right place:

    1. For a cultivating or plowing mission, if you follow the circles exactly you will leave part of the field un-plowed.

    2. For the fertilizer / sprayer mission, when you arrive at the field where the yellow circle is (to advance to the next stage of the tutorial, "extrude sprayer"), after you unfold the sprayer, about 1/3 of it extends beyond the field.

    I would suggest the devs drive the game machinery to these fields and observe where the yellow circles ought to be for each mission type, then adjust the coordinates accordingly.
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  • Good point, I also noticed that. Though remember that the current map is just a testing map and will be replaced with the real one later. It might change when the real missions are implemented.
    The points could also be set at the field entrance which would actually require the devs to change up some code for it.