First building being made for a future user map in CnC

    • First building being made for a future user map in CnC

      I have decided to begin creating custom buildings for a custom map I want to create in CnC in the future.

      First building is a small farm building that will be the players initial farm when they begin a new career, it'll be based on how we did hobby farming back in the 80's - 90's, so small machines will be the focus point in the beginning and a few livestocks(6-8 cows, 5-10 pigs) and betting a bit on being able to purchase and place buildings in the game in the future, then the player can expand the farm from there.

      In any case on to some pictures of the building process so far.

      Everything shown in the pictures above a subject to change especially the textures and the doors and the windows. I still need to get out and start taking pictures of some red brick walls, roofs etc.

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    • Thanks and I'm also looking forward to getting into the editor for CnC in the future :D and a ton of thanks for mentioning the texturing, gotta remember to read up on that when I come to the point where I wanna actually texture it.

      A small update.
      I have created a curved ceiling in the stable(used temp texture's for a better presentation) and the cow milking area so far to the left, opposite the cow area is where the cows will be during winter night and cold days, and pigs down the far end of that area, the door leading into the room to the right, leads into the small boiling room where some of the tools are as well, which is a nice place to have a workshop during winter. The area where the camera is positioned is where the seperate room is for when one of the cows gets a calf(will mostlikely not be a feature in the game), but that's pretty much what this part of the building is used for.

      Edit: worked for a few more hours and managed to add the right side of the stable where the cows and pigs will go loosely(seperated by a wall at some point) and added some I beams to the top of the wooden posts to help with structural integrity(the floor above is meant to contain a thousand small bales or so and other stuff) even though the curved ceiling is strong type of ceiling - and nice looking - 12-20 tons of goods is still a bit much, and the steel beams are also located in the same places irl and I still need to add the rest of the wooden posts under the steel I-beam to the left. The smallish block down near the boiling room(left side of the picture) is actually a water tank(if I remember correctly, might be wrong here) in any case it's there to hold some sort of liquid, I'll bring an update at some point telling what it was for.

      So yeah no more work tonight, the birds are chirping and the sun is rising and I need to get some sleep before it get's too bright outside ;)

      i5 4690k - 3,5 Ghz, EVGA gtx 1070 ftw hybrid - 8 gb vram, 16 gb 1600 Mhz ddr3 ram

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    • Made some more progress tonight, I added in 2 wooden grain tanks, a grain pit and some more structural support, the good news so far is that I'm nearing the end of the 3d it self, I still need to add an outside shed for storing the machines an above ground pit for manure and an underground pit for slurry, I also need to create a small bale conveyor that moves bales from gound level up and into the hay loft but all in all the majority of the stuff I wanted to build is done. after that the fun part of trying to create the textures comes which is going to be a lot of work, ebcause that's not something I like.

      Now if you visit this small farm today, it wont look anything like it does in this 3d model becuase it's not used as a farm anymore. the area where the cows used to be has been transformed into a storage area for wood pellets and smaller pieces of equipment, like car trailers, motorcycles etc. The grain area has been transformed into a workshop for repairing cars and the grain pit has been turned into a grease pit, so the inside doesn't look like anything. This of course made it hard to recreate the insides of the stable etc because last time everything was like it is in the 3d model was back when I was 4-6 years old and that's afterall 22 years ago, so many of the objects are purely created using my memory, but so far I think it has turned out good and it has been fun to try and recreate this farm and it's going to be really fun to show it to my dear old dad once I'm done.

      But you want pictures so here are 3 pictures

      i5 4690k - 3,5 Ghz, EVGA gtx 1070 ftw hybrid - 8 gb vram, 16 gb 1600 Mhz ddr3 ram

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