Plow has problems lowering when on the Arion

  • Plow has problems lowering when on the Arion

    The plow is having troubles lowering when mounted on the arion 530. Works fine when mounted on the mb trac. At one point it didn't want to lower at all. Recorded a video showing the bug. (might not be a bug but I'm pretty sure it is)

    i5 4690k - 3,5 Ghz, EVGA gtx 1070 ftw hybrid - 8 gb vram, 16 gb 1600 Mhz ddr3 ram
  • There is something yes. What would be great is having the plow getting into the ground only when moving forwards. When lowered at stand still it should stay at the surface.
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  • I can report similar small issue in attaching plow on Arion's rear linkage.

    Plow is attached sideling. Unfortunatelly I have no picture, but plow's right attach point lies on right linkage and left attach point is in the air little above left linkage.
    It thus causes the plow works just on one side. When you rotate it, it stays above the ground even when lowered to the working height and it doesn't plow.

    Maybe it's just random local issue. I must try it more times.

    Edit: Another test showed that attachment is now correct.

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    GPU Type - Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon R9 280X 3,072 GB GDDR5
    GPU Driver - Radeon Software Version 17.12.1
    RAM - 8 GB
    Win 7 64bit

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