Köckerling harrow is lop sided on Claas tractor

  • Köckerling harrow is lop sided on Claas tractor

    I don't know how I got this bug but I sent my worker to go work a paddock and after the worker finished he left the tractor like this, detaching and re-attaching doesn't fix the issue.
    Also to add to the plow being lop sided and only plowing 1 side it also seems to hang very low to the ground as seen in these screenshots.

  • What's great, is that in this case it cultivates only on one side ;)
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  • It's just random issue, as Jeytav said, sometimes it happens.

    I met just 3 times with it. I found it out always when I sit in the Arion after helper finished his job.
    I tried different things, like respawn machines, reattaching,... only thing which helped, was to sell tractor and buy it back. After it, attachment of implements were ok.

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