Installer said to contain trojan

  • Installer said to contain trojan


    Don't know if this is a false alarm or what. Just now, during a time I'm NOT using cattle and crops, or updating it, or anything else (actually using Excel), my AVG (paid for edition) declared that the installer package contained the "SCGeneric" trojan. Possibly something within this package "woke up" and triggered AVG...? Not sure how else / why else AVG would notice it.

    I let AVG remove the "threat" seeing that I've already got the game and launcher installed. I will update if this causes any issues with the game or the updating process.

    FWIW I installed 0.0.8 when it first dropped, and recently installed the update to Am running Windows 8.1, 64 bit, on an i5 / 8GB RAM / GTX 960 GPU.
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  • For what it's worth, AVG was triggered a second time, a few hours later, with the same issue, in the CnC installer. At a time I had nothing to do with CnC.

    Also, this typically does not happen...I've been using AVG a long time and install a lot of software on my PC. So for me this is an anomaly.

    No worries so far, nothing bad has happened to my PC or to the usability of the game. Just something odd I noticed.
    I like farm sims so much I moved to REAL farm country...
  • Nah the launcher of course has a virus inside. don't trust the others, they're spies and are paid by Masterbrain Bytes for lying to you.
    Don't download it or MBB will invade your computer and replace all your Farm Sim mods with pictures of cows!

    (also they'll give you a new desktop back ground screen that reads "Let's make Farming great again.")
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