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      Hose Connectors

      The hose connectors are a collection of mainly hydraulic connectors (9 types, 8 colors plus 1 without lid each, 2 open/closed states each). In addition it also contains two electric connectors and a slurry hose funnel.

      Location: Base.zipshared/hoses/connectors/_connectors.wld

      Here's a little step-by-step on how to use the connectors:

      1. Setup the hose (rope path) you'll be using. Please refer to [Tutorial] Hose connections between vehicles for a detailed tutorial.

      2. In _connectors.wld, select the connector you want to use and copy it. For static (disconnected) hoses, you should select the version with the lid closed, for the active (connected) hose, you should select the version with the lid open. The color is purely an aesthetic choice, they won't be matched to the receiving hydraulic circuits' colors.
      3. In your vehicle world, make sure to have the "Instanced world toggle" option active, and paste the connector as a child of the path. That way, it will be hidden when the hose is hidden, and shown when the hose is shown. The position doesn't really matter, as it will be placed at the corresponding position upon attaching.

      4. Now the hose has to know that this mesh is the connector that needs to be attached to the parent machine. Connect the hose to the connector instance, using the connector specified in "End connector".

      5. Next, the position where the hose attaches to the connector: Connect the hose to the connector instance once again, using the connector specified in "End position connector". This must be named "Position" (with a capital "P"). This automagically connects to the position marker within the instance.
        • If for whatever reason you wish to use a different connector name for the position, you have to make sure to change the "Incoming connector key" setting within the connector instance's "Move connector inside" modifier to the new name as well.

      And that's all, folks.