introduce yourself

    • Hello everybody, my name is Wijnand, 46 years old, married, 3 kids and I am a truckdriver.

      Since December 2015 I am addicted to FS15/17, and already played about 3000 hours. I'm looking out to C&C as FS17 did know reach my expectations. The difference between FS15 and FS17 is so less, I almost regret buying FS17. I hope there will be some updates which makes a difference.

      I also like creating maps and edit mods, but I never released one. Always for private use.

      Hopefully C&C will be more, and easier edittable for map and mod makers so we can provide and collect nice mods and maps. And let it continue where FS15 ended.

      I run a FB page named "PC Farming Simulator 17 NL" and a website "" which is under construction. I, and my friends Tom Endeman (akaFarmingVidsHD), Jack Winters, Gerald Mensink and Kevin van Roey, daily keep an eye on those media.

      As you can see in my avatar, I am a John Deere fan. I always use JD equipment in my maps.

      Greets from the Netherlands.

      Wijnand Bakker
    • Hello all,

      My name is Arjan and I'm from the Netherlands (Holland) 30 years old
      Work as a mechanic and in my spare time I help the local farm out and I like to do rallys with my gf.

      As hobbies I've got 2 classic cars (one is the rally car) and gaming especially sim games: ETS2 ATS, Train sims FS games and soon CnC

      Thank you for stopping by to read this :)
      Proper Sim gamer. Rally games tractor and truck games. Bus games and train games you name it :)

    • Alloha all,

      I am Ruben from the Netherlands and I am an 24 year-old IT-student who works a lot on the side.
      Besides loving to be around all things in IT, my other interests are LEGO, board- and PC gaming.

      I am really interested how this game will play, as farming simulator wasn't really deep. Great for 30 minutes a day for gaming, but not great if you want to sink a whole afternoon.
    • Hi everyone,

      My name is Melvin and i'm from the Netherlands like some other people here.
      My dad runs a farm and I help there too thats why i'm into Farming games. The first time I saw Cnc I was just blown away by how good it looked. Since that day I can not wait to play it :thumbsup: .
      I hope you all have a great day, and I hope to see you guys in CnC
      Can't wait till the release off Cattle and Crops :D
    • Hello my name is Morten, i live on a small family farm in Denmark. My hobby is mashines everything that can drive, and make a nice sound.

      I have been playing Farming Simulator since 2009, and i hope Cattle and Crops will bring some competetion to the farming simulation genre. I hope Cattle and Crops will be what FS17 should have been.
      Vil du have tæsk i skolen, så kør' Ursus fra Polen. :thumbup:
    • Hi Guys.

      I'm maybe to old to be doing this But having worked on real farms for many years and as a Heavy Plant driver the wanting never go's from one's heart. I was driving Farm machines just after the dinos left this earth. No such things as Cabs, air con, heaters or radios in them days. Open to the elements for 12 hrs a day rain or shine, freezing or hot.. ..We just kept going.
      How ever This Sim Farming is getting much closer to the real thing all the time & from what I can see coming out of CnC it's just a wee bit off the real thing , I have used a great Mod from the other sim known as.
      "MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle."

      Now one thing is for sure The Guy's who created this and many other mods out there are the best & many of them have put this Sim together.
      So Let's Rock and Roll..! Cheer's Guy's! :thumbsup:
      Interfarms Ceo.
    • Hallo everyone,

      let me add also some of mine.
      My name is Tom, 35 years old, I'm from Czech Republic. My friends call me Dylan since high school. I'm a technician in civil engineering company.
      I love farming machinery and procedures since my childhood. I watched farming machinery on the fields every holiday I spent by my grandmother's. My favorite brand is Claas ;) . So I'm glad that this one is finally and officially included.
      I was fun of FS 11 - 15. When I first saw an info about CnC, I know it's the right one I was looking for.

      I'm looking forward to Early Acces release and I'd like to thank to CnC team for all they did. Great job.

      See U soon.

      CPU Type - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz
      GPU Type - Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon R9 280X 3,072 GB GDDR5
      GPU Driver - Radeon Software Version 17.12.1
      RAM - 8 GB
      Win 7 64bit
    • Hello everyone!

      My name is Jerret, 24 years old, and I'm from Western Canada. I grew up in a smaller farming community so I have good knowledge of western farming practices although have since moved to a larger city and now work in the oilfield on drilling rigs. Simulation games are one of my hobbies and have been for some time. My good friend from Denmark made me aware of C&C which I'm grateful for, I am truly excited for C&C not only for the fact that its made by people that really care about what they make but also for the fact that it truly looks real to life from what I know about farming.
    • Hi everyone. My name is Rene, 38 years old from Denmark but currently living in Dubai (yes there's even farming here believe it or not). I fly planes for a living but I still dream of retiring to a small farm somewhere nice and green. I grew up in the country side with farms all around and would often help around my uncle's farm which had a mix between cattle and crops (and pigs). I've been playing various farming sims for the last 7-8 years but I've been missing a lot of the features that are now coming with CnC.

      I've been doing a bit of map modding for FS13-15-17 and can't wait to get started modding on CnC.
      -- Flying Viking
    • Hey Leuts

      Ich bin der Steffen, 28 Jahre jung, lebe in Deutschland im wunderschönen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
      Meine Großeltern waren Kleinbauern, ein paar Hektar Feld und Wiese, Rinder-Pferde-Schweine-Hühner, Getreide-Mais-Kartoffeln, alles für den Eigenbedarf angebaut und gezüchtet.

      Aber das liegt schon 20 Jahre zurück ;(

      Ich bin ein Simulator-Fan, wo ich zuerst ETS2 eine weile gespielt habe und dann bin ich bei LS13 bis hin zu LS17 geblieben.
      LS17 hat mich etwas enttäuscht, wo ich auf Youtube Videos suchte zu anderen Simulatoren, da habe ich dann CnC entdeckt und bin voll gespannt wie
      es wird!
      **Arroganz ist die Kunst, auf der eignen Dummheit stolz zu sein**
    • Hi All,

      Im Bryn,

      Im 37 and live in sunny old Cornwall, UK. I grew up on a small farm but have since become a carpenter.
      I still have that love for the machinery and the countryside and if i had the money to buy a farm id go back into farming without a second thought.

      Played FS for years now, run my own servers etc, really looking forward to this as it seems to be taking that jump in realsim we've all been waiting for.
    • Hello!
      Niklas is my name and Im 30 years old. Studying mechanical engineering.

      I dont think Im alone when Im saying that I am fascinated by big and heavy things that smells diesel. :D

      Im from Sweden and no I dont sound like "hurp urp durpi durpa durp" (the swedish chef).

      My lack of knolledge in agriculture is shown when my freind constantly throwing things at me for naming "agri-thingis" wrongly when we are hanging out and playing fs17. 8|

      But Im willing to learn so hoping for a tutorial. For the sake of my health.

      Gaming/simulators for me, is like a book for others.
      To escspe my own reality for a moment. To unplug and do something completly different.

      Checking this site like every other hour to see if there is an update. :whistling:

      I love the way you make me feel like child, waiting for christmas...

      Love the things I have seen so far and that you mived on with a completly new plattform for the game.

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    • Hi erveryone,

      My name is Jeroen, I'm 27 years old and I'm fm Belgium. I work as a international busdriver - I've seen most of Europe already in the last 6 years of driving the bus and I'm about to make a career switch very soon. The main reason for the switch is because I want to spend more time with my family, specially with my wife.

      I'm not really having experience in farming besides sim games, neither did I ever drove a big tractor before but the big equipment always spiked my interest. Have been playing other games before I discovered CnC and I'm having big hopes for this one since others couldn't really keep my attention for some reason. So far the biggest trac I've ever driven was a Massey Ferguson 350, not really spectaculair haha! My neighbor has one and he let me drive it once, very cool but I can't imagine how awesome it must be piloting a huge Claas or JD :)
      Claas - vorsprung durch technik
    • Hi everyone! :)
      My name is Milos, i come from Croatia and iam 28 years old. I work as community physiotherapist.
      One day i was looking some video on youtube about fs17 and someone in the comments mentioned C&C. So i did a little bit of research, donated some cash via kickstarter and here i am. As a city boy i never drove a tractor by myself, but i liked all about agricultural machinery since i was a little kid. And iam looking forward to play online with u guys.
      Cheers! :)
    • Hello all!

      I'm BradM73. I'm a YouTuber, a gamer and a Farming Sim enthusiast since 2013 when I discovered there was such a thing! I've been a gamer since personal computers were commercially available and have been building PC's since around 1990. I'm not a farmer in the real world, but much of my family farms heavily, and I am likely due to inherit a farm some day. I've always found farming to be "The Most Noble Profession" in the world, and I enjoy supporting the farming simulation community in almost all its forms.

      To this end, I've supported C&C since the beginning and have been looking forward to the game and further development as it unfolds. I hope to help support the game and the developers far into the future if this game is a success!

    • Hi Guys!

      My name's Jirka and I am from the Czech Republic. As a half of my country, I work in a company supplying parts for automotive industry. My job is to operate a 3D measuring machine (well, machines, since last month we've received a new, shiny, high-tech toy), which I certainly find interesting, a bit demanding, and most of the time, I actually enjoy doing that.

      As I already wrote in two other threads (wow, maybe I should just keep it for this one), i have zero experience with real-life farming (if you don't count the few chickens we keep behind our family's house as farminfg - lovely animals, by the way :) ), although I certainly love tractors and other simillar machinery - like every other man, who still feels like a little boy deep inside. :D But I really like well-made sims - mostly of airplanes, but I like to try sims of almost everything as long as they feel real. After a long line of disappointsments with other farming "sims", CnC might finally satisfy my wish to drive a "real" tractor. :)

      As for other hobies, I like aviation (as you might have guessed from the flight-sims part), railroading, photography (mostly of insects, but I do almost every genre really), walks and hikes through nature, travelling, like visiting old cities and such, a bit of sport, interesting discussions with interesting people about almost anything, and hunderd other small things.

      What is NOT amongst my hobbies is forumgoing, so I can't promise I will hang out here very often. But I surely am glad to be here, to see CnC shape up to, hopefully, be the first really serious farming sim out there! See you in the fields! :thumbsup:
    • I am Ola, 30, from Norway. I work as a 3D modeler and texture artist at an animation studio. Would love to work on games too some day.
      I grew up on a farm, but due to terrible economy for small farms my parents had to sell the animals and surrounding land. They still have the farm and some of the equipment, but work with other things now.
      Workstation: i7 5960x | 128GB RAM | GTX 1080
      HP Omen Laptop: i7 6700HQ | 16GB RAM | GTX 1070
    • Hi,smitty from scotland,i was a very avid fan of farm sim...until fs17 when they took everything from fs15 ie all the mods and placed it into the console version and gave nothing back to the pc community all but a train..also they in my oppinion never produced a real farm...fields with 43 probably too old for sim games but hey better than the pub,im a driver class 1 in real life and live on a farm.really looking forward to c n c for the realism
    • I'm Jakob but you can call my Jeytav or Tavi, I'm a 26 year old Danish male, for a living I'm currently on sick leave but normally I work at a Agricultural dealer that mostly sells used machines and crop equipment, where my main objective is to load and unload trucks that collect/deliver machines and equipment and then prepare them for sale and move them between our 3 locations for storing them, using a tractor and low-loader.

      In my spare time I usually moderate on forums and chats, play games, talk in forums and work in the forest when I need some peace and quiet.

      I have been around tractors and forest harvester and forwarders since childhood, so I know a fair amount of stuff about agriculture and forestry

      nothing more to say atm except that I enjoy talking with all of you lovely people here in the forum, it's a nice, positive and constructive place to be. Let's make sure it stays that way :)

      i5 4690k - 3,5 Ghz, EVGA gtx 1070 ftw hybrid - 8 gb vram, 16 gb 1600 Mhz ddr3 ram
    • Hey everyone!

      My name is Toby and I am a 51 year old city boy (forever young), born and bred. I should have been a cowboy though. Currently living just outside Baltimore, Maryland USA. I am currently living out my dreams in simulations from farming to racing and have just plunked down my $$$ to get in on this. I love the look of this one, from the video. The gameplay looks great and the management immersion is right up my alley. I had been looking for a way to incorporate this into FS for a while now. That aspect alone will make CnC it's own proper Farm Sim and drag our genre right out of the arcade.

      Ready to play! Bugs, glitches and all!

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    • G'day, I'm Greg only ahem 6.3yrs young(Aussie). Bought up on a farm and done a lot of things since. So much it's "stuffed" my body up so all i can do most of the day is lay on my bed n play games. Luv sim games, have ETS2, ATS,Xplanes,FS17 n as some one said before it's a bit of a let down and others so really LOOKIN forward to this lot. So far from what I see compared to other games is just the realism, graphics and "feel" of the game that's got me hooked already. Keep up the GREAT work and boy o boy "I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT N PLAY IT". I might even hava go at some modding (even though I said in one thread that too old n techo for me) still there's life left in this OLD GUY yet to catch up on you younga gen. Cheers Guys n Gals in this exciting new farm community. <3 :thumbsup:
    • Truckyluv wrote:

      G'day, I'm Greg only ahem 6.3yrs young(Aussie). Bought up on a farm and done a lot of things since. So much it's "stuffed" my body up so all i can do most of the day is lay on my bed n play games. Luv sim games, have ETS2, ATS,Xplanes,FS17 n as some one said before it's a bit of a let down and others so really LOOKIN forward to this lot. So far from what I see compared to other games is just the realism, graphics and "feel" of the game that's got me hooked already. Keep up the GREAT work and boy o boy "I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT N PLAY IT". I might even hava go at some modding (even though I said in one thread that too old n techo for me) still there's life left in this OLD GUY yet to catch up on you younga gen. Cheers Guys n Gals in this exciting new farm community. <3 :thumbsup:
      Welcome Truckyluv. You might note that well known ETS/ATS skin maker @Lucasi is here too!
    • Hi everyone

      My name is Tom. I live and work in Serbia, I am fifty years old. I'm a big fan of Farming Simulator 17, but the game Cattle and Crops promises. Of course I'm a big fam game of ETS 2 (Euro Truck Simulator 2) and ATS (American Truck Simulator), as you can see from my avatar. Otherwise, I generally love all simulation games. I work in a company as a driver, the company is involved in supplying NIS, Gazprom Neft and Lukoil stations. I like to listen to music, of course there is a turntable (Technics SL1210 ) and a bit of a nice crackling sound.

      I hope you make the right game for my soul, to play the game while I enjoy listening to music. Have a good luck with your work.
    • Heyo!

      Im Rigge (nickname since I was 8 years old) Im 29. Live in Sweden and has made a living working on farms around Stockholm for the past 10 years now. I don't have a farming background but I went to agricultural school for 3 years. Came out as a typical farm hand.
      I have a youtube channel where I post vlog-kind of clips from work. Rigge1988

      PC Gaming has been my hobby for 19 years. I play alot of games. Less fast paced FPS games lately.

      Used to play simtractor, it got horribly outdated but was a bit like a pioneer for farming simulation.

      Then came farming simulator to bring farming simulation to the big crowd. For good or for worse.

      What I look for with CnC is that deep-going simulation with field conditions, soil structure etc. affecting plant growth.

      Weeds and seasons. A more better simulated ploughing experience. A more free-to-do whatever simulator where everything is as varying as the real thing.