introduce yourself

    • introduce yourself

      So you know who you were dealing here, so I think it would be very helpful if everyone were here writing a line or two about himself.

      I start first:

      My name is Tom, 25 years old and i come from a beautiful small city in Varsseveld (The Netherlands, Gelderland).
      By profession i'm a technical engineer in the bread industry. our company make machines anywhere around the world and placed them at our customers. in my spare time i like to play Games and make some Video's on my own YT Channel.

      i look forward to many new conversations in this community and all new stuff about CnC.

      I whis you all a nice weekend.


      [Gaming-Laptop] OMEN by HP - i7-7820HK -2,9/3,9 Ghz, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 - 8 gb vram, 32 gb ram - 3840x2160 4K

      [Gaming-Desktop] Intel i7-6700K 4,0 Ghz (4,4 Ghz turbo) - MSI GTX 1080 8GB - 32 GB ram - 34inch Curved (Predator)

      [Gaming-Equipment] Logitech G29 - Logitech Side panel - Oculus Rift

      My English and German isn't so good, thank you for understanding
    • Hello everyone! :)

      So, it looks like I am next...

      My name is also Tom :D, I am 26 years old and I am from The Czech Republic :). I work in international company called Kimberly-Clark where I am operating baby-diaper-making machine :D It could sound funny, but it is very interesting work.

      Agriculture is my hobby, because I grew up on countryside, next to agriculture company, so I saw tractors and combines working all year :) Sometimes I go help on my friends fields, where I drive older Case Magnum :) Other hobbies are Airsoft, Metal music and PC gaming of course and sometimes I also make some gameplay videos. I am big fan of Farming Simulator series and this game looks even better, so I am really excited to play it!

      Hope to make some friends here :)

      Take care and have a nice day, Light
    • iCh bin der Florian 32 Jahre jung Familienvater und Hobby Landwirt (mindestens virtuell) im Alltag bin ich Rettungs Assistent beim DRK in Göttingen ...

      Wie viele andere hat mein Landwirt-Leben mit dem LS angefangen die ich auch neben CC weiter spielen werde ... Freue mich aber über die neuen Möglichkeiten und auf dem Krieg da noch so kommen mag ....
    • Hello guys!!

      My name is Michal, I'm 22 years old and I'm from the Czech Republic. I work as an agronomist - growing 110 hectares of onions, then 40 hectares combined of sweet corn, baby spinach and pumpkins. I've been in agriculture area for all of my life, as I really love it. When I was a child, I had to be at the place where any farming machine was. I knew when I was born that I would study agricultural school and work as an agronomist and that dream came true.

      Of course I grew up with classic crops like cereals, corn, oil seed rape, so I had to adjust onto vegetables. It's very interesting though!
      Our farm also grows 900 hectares of cereals, tens hectares of OSR, poppy and alfalfa. One of the biggest salad grower in CZ. We also have 300 diary cows.

      I can't wait to play CnC. It would be great to get additional crops in the future, but I assure you that I will be very happy with what's coming in early access version.

      I wanna say thank you to the whole team for this epic project

      Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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    • Hello,

      My Name is Max, I'm 18 and I am from The Uk. I work on a 250 cow dairy as Herd manager in the beautiful Cornish countryside. I do a fair amount of tractor work when i'm not dealing with the herd. Before I worked on the dairy I worked with poultry so a slight change. :D

      My Hobbies are playing video games when I get the time and Falconry. My Favorite brand of tractors is New Holland and Ford.

      Hope every one is well And i hope to make some good friends on here

      Max ^^
      Feed the World... One Field At a Time :thumbsup:

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    • hello,I'm Flo, 28 years old from Canada. I'm born and I grew in Swiss Alp with the cows! :D

      I lost my job a month ago and looking for what I'm going to do next. By the time I find out, I stream on twitch (sadly I doubt french people can stream for a living, too bad eh eh eh!).
      Cant wait for cattle and crops to be playable. Looks damn great so far. Good job on funding yall, I'm glad to be here with you all.
    • Hello guys!

      My name is Sven, 16 years old and i'm living in the south of the Netherlands, a few hundred meters of the German border. In my spare time from school i'm working at some local farmers, after college i want to study International Farm Management to become a herd manager or advisor in a foreign country, i was walking between cows and sitting on the second chair in the machinery as long as i can remember :)

      I'm really looking forward to experience this new kind of realism, and i hope on a very enjoyable community :)

      I hope to meet you all soon at teamspeak and playing some multiplayer together :D
      Sven 8)
    • Hi guys :D

      My name is Milan but I use soubriquet LKAMinco, I'm 16 y. o. and I am from Slovakia. I going to grammar school.
      My hobby is working on pc and downhill.
      I makes 3D models, and scripts to games. I am preparing lot of mods to CnC (e.g. some from brands Tatra, Liaz, V3s and more cz/sk brands)

      I'am excited.
      :cursing: LKAMinco :cursing:

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    • Hello everyone,

      My name is Frank, and I am 39 years old, living in Belgium.

      I'm also aan huge fan off farming simulator games, and the real live stuff.
      I've been playing since fs11 and I am also the creator off the fs15 map called Bjornelux.

      In real life I am manager within a company.
      Hobbys are off course gaming, and mostly enjoying my 2 Kids and lovely wife in my time off.
      I am really looking forward to this game, and hope to meet some great People here.

    • Hello all,

      I'm Chris; I'm now 40, and I was born and raised in the US state of Alabama. I was raised around a cattle farm in the country, but grew up to be a professional engineer.

      Obviously, I game and enjoy simulators, plus I have a fondness for planes, tractors, trucks, and heavy equipment (real and virtual), plus farming, and generally getting my hands dirty. While I spend most of my time in an office figuring out how to make things work, I'm happiest when I'm actually using tools to build and grow things.

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    • Hey Guys,

      I'm Sim, I'm from the UK and I'm a YouTuber dedicated to Simulation Games. I enjoy any games where I get to drive big machinery! What makes my YouTube channel unique is that I use a Wheel Cam in all of my Videos. Basically allowing viewers to see what I'm doing as I play the games. I away from YouTube I dabble in open world exploration games such as The Division, Skyrim, The Witcher... basically anything open world!

      I was also lucky enough to get into the Cattle and Crops Media Partner team which I'm truly grateful for. I'm very much looking forward to C&C and cannot wait to see what the future holds for it! :P
      Click Logo for YouTube Channel:

      1. My name is Ludicrousfox and im from Manitoba in Canada.I'm a twitch streamer for the last 2 years. I've been streaming Farm Sim 15 and 17. I have no real Agricultural experiance, other than the in game work. I've have a vergames server that I play with followers on, to me the farming cutlure is very interesting to me. I've been anticipating Cattle and Crops since it's announcement, and green light on steam.
    • Hello Everyone,

      Like others have said, I too am counting the days until I can experience CnC. My name is Jerry and I live in the USA (Denver, Colorado). I've been a simulation based gamer since the early to mid 1980's and spent most of this time with flight simulation. I branched out into other simulation based games about two years ago and now tend to mostly play those in the farming genre.

      About seven years ago I launched a simulation gaming blog and last year ventured into the YouTube space. I very much look forward to the early access launch of CnC. You can access both my simulation gaming blog and YouTube channel via the links below.

      Happy Simming!!!

      Check out my Simulation Blog

      Follow me on Twitter!

      Watch my YouTube Videos!
    • Hello Everyone,

      I usually go by the name Smith I also have my own gaming channel on youtube (Smith97 Gaming) which I post farming simulator videos on.

      I live and am from New Zealand and work for a large contractor in the north island of the country, most the time I drive a JCB 435 or fendt 724

      I also am very much looking forward to CnC because it look to provide a much for realistic experience
      Support Me:
    • Good evening all,

      My Name is Chris I'm 20 something from the beautiful North western isles of Scotland.

      My background is I grew up on a small holding with about two hundred sheep or so and also growing Root veg but on a very small scale.

      I joined the working world in construction/Civil engineering where I became a heavy equipment operator Mainly excavators. I also hold my Full Heavy goods licence another passion of mine. At the moment working for a Large American Drilling Company as a Crane Operator/Helicopter Landing officer on Offshore Drilling rigs.

      My Hobbies are Small scale Farming with friends and picking up part time work as a trucker when I am home. When I do get a chance to be at my home I do enjoy gameing. A very wide range mainly simulators though.

      Cant wait for CnC I think it will be a real competitor for the major name that is already out there.
    • Hi!

      Robert Lidstroem, from Sweden, 36 years old. Have 2 daughters and a wife, got a 1966 Alfa Romeo that enjoy driving around with, working as a scaffolder. Been playing FS since 2008 and started modding in 2009, made maps and some tractoredits mostly. Been following and supporting CnC since i first heard about it in October 2016. Supported with 99€ and looking forward to it very much!
      Simfarming since 2008.
    • Hi all!

      I'm RainbowDave, much like a few others here I make videos on YouTube and stream regularly. Backed Cattle and Crops during the Kickstarter and I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on the game!

      I usually play Farming Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator on YouTube and a bunch of other games for myself like Elite: Dangerous, rFactor, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Automobilista and Mount and Blade: Warband to name a few!

      I'm really looking forward to seeing what Cattle and Crops holds and it's definitely looking promising as an experience from what I've been seeing!
    • Hey folks!

      Lot's of familiar faces and names on this forum.All the fine Farm Sim folks lounging about waiting on CnC to drop.
      The names Richard ,although I go by Species7 on the interwebs, I am Canadian but not that "frozen north" type, I live on the sunny southern west coast of BC.
      Like lots of the folk here I also have a Youtube channel featuring simulator games and other random games I find fun and/or interesting.

      I have been looking forward to some competition to good old Giants for so long that I even bought the last UIG effort. . . yeah yeah,I know .
      Hopefully CnC is going to find that spot that Silden and Playway and UIG etc etc etc just could not lock down the way Giants has.

      Shameless advertising of Youtube channel here. . .
    • Hi,
      I'm Roméo, 18 years old I live in france, in chartreuse, I'm a ropeway fitter. I love drving machines, have a tractor, an excavator and a backhoe loader, I'm pasionate by Unimog and Mb trac, and I build remote controled off road and trial trucks. I love simulations, I play Farming simulator since 2010, and many others games.
    • G'day guys/gals,

      Daniel here from the "Land Down Under". I'm from the sunny state of QLD in Australia, down in the lovely farming area of the "Darling Downs". I am 21yrs old and a qualified Plumber and I work for my Dad. As a hobby of course I like gaming and PC's, generally simulator type games or games where real life actions/vehicles/objects are used. I am a FS17 enthusiast since FS13 but have longed for some super realistic features, mainly dynamic weather, dynamic ground and some more in depth management. One day I found some posts somewhere about CnC and so I checked it out and yep I was hooked. Then when the Kickstarter campaign came on I jumped straight to it and now March is nearly here 8o .
      Up to age 5 my Grandad had 160 acre farm on a flat with good water, growing corn, sorghum, veggies, sunflowers, soy beans and mainly we grew oats and Lucerne for hay, but that has since gone so I am stuck to a realistic farming sim to help feed my real farming desires. :D
      Also keen on my mountain biking (bit of downhill but mainly All Mountain), and also keen on fishing.
      Glad to become a part of the Cnc community and looking forward to Early access. February is going to be such a long month :D
      What ever it is I just said; I could be wrong!
      Farming on FS17 and Testing CnC Tech Demo!
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