FPS Thread

  • @TheCoCe Thanks for reply and explanation, confirmation of some things respectively. I was a bit affraid that this game behavior is normal.

    If I understand it well, devs have set a little bit faster speed model in the game, than in real life is and it's compensated by the FOV etc., to be the game more playable and not too boring.
    Yes I remember how it was in FS. That's why I ask for some assurance or comparison, because I didn't like it much.

    Well, nothing can be done. I must satisfy whith that.

    I personally would have reduced the speed of machines a little bit. But let it for the experts or for the most of comunity how they feel it. Maybe I'll make a poll for an interest.
    Another question is if devs has a plan to be this topic switchable according to difficulty level and now it's just basic, like gear box (also basic). Never mind, poll can be done and the opinions may or not to be used.

    Once more @TheCoCe thank you a lot for explanation.

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