Organized stream chain

    • Organized stream chain

      To all those who stream or want to stream...
      Who wants to be part of a Cattle & Crops stream marathon, where we all take turns into streaming? We can go from one raid to another after the first stream.

      I want to do the organisation of this, like setting up a schedule with everyone's available times, setting up the links to redirect to each other, have a premade social media post ready, ...
      If you need help setting up your stream, I could help with the basic setup.

      Everyone is free to help, give idea's, tips, etc.
      Anyone up to join the fun?
      (I am available day and night for the rest of the month. 24th dentist appointment and one day I'll have to go sign my contract, nothing else but gaming and promoting beside that)

      * brainstorm*

      - Premade subjects list to cover as much as possible. (Gameplay, development team, community, game engine, visuals, mods, …)

      - Mission after mission: First one starts with turorials and taking a look around the map, 2nd one does a few missions, 3th does the next missions, etc (will demand some prepared savegames?)

      - Mod session

      - Maybe...trying to get the CnC team involved? (Interview, chat, Q&A, being moderator in someone's chat, custom video for during the stream chain, or even just them advertising it)

      - All languages welcome! I'm willing to visit chats as much as possible to interact with English/Dutch people when someone who doesn't speak or read English, or simply prefers to stream in his main language, is streaming.

      - ...

      - ...
      Streaming Cattle and Crops in NL/ENG on !
      I'm here to hype this game and support the development.