Pinned Status Update 13 May 2020

    • Status Update 13 May 2020

      We’re aware that you’re all eagerly awaiting news on what’s going to happen next. As described in the previous news updates we are heading for the v1 release. In this context, and already looking forward to the seamless development that will continue afterwards, many different tasks (technical, content-related, marketing-related, legal ...) have to be coordinated and aligned.

      This puts us in the "difficult" or at least "thankless" situation that we are not yet able to give you all the information you want - as can be seen from the absolutely understandable questions. Of course we want to cover as many of the community wishes as possible already with the V1. But some things can only be built in a certain order - technically or in terms of game design. Other things we also have to prioritize differently due to legal rules and technical specifications (e.g. from online platforms, console manufacturers, etc.) than we as developers and you as a player would like. And unfortunately these "musts" are often things that cannot be perceived in the game or by the player at first sight or directly.

      Therefore we can tell you today that together with our partners we have decided that we will push the release into September. This has to do especially with the fact that we can release a version that creates the optimal conditions for the ensuing development steps - both in terms of content and technology. The implementation is in full swing, but certain things can only be planned on a rolling basis due to the above-mentioned interrelationships.

      We will provide you with further information bit by bit. But once again: please understand that in the final sprint to v1 we will only provide the information when we can assure 100% certainty, as anything else would be of no use to anyone, but would unfortunately only lead to partly heated discussions.