Earning money

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      Selling corn will Not give much Money.

      Best was is probably
      • Buy Bulls and Put them on the pasture. They will grow without additional Help
      • Seed Maize and use it to Feed Bulls with VertiMix in the barns (in barns improved geowth rate)
      • Maize you so Not need dir feeding can be used in BGP.

      Nice Side effects
      • barns give Bull slurry
      • BGP gives bgp digestate
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      Mr_Grucha wrote:

      @Nachtfalke What is the best weight bulls to sell them? Can I feed them filed grass?
      i don't know for Sure but from my experience Bulls grow very slow at 700 kg and more. So i sell them when they have 7xx kg.

      To Feed Bulls i know of two ways.
      • Directly unloading Gigavitesse in the barns
      • Feeding in the barn with VertiMix

      I only use VertiMix and Maize from Silo with AI helper but with Gigavitesse it should be possible to Feed any Variant of fieldgrass.
      • Fieldgrass
      • Fieldgrass Silage
      • Fieldgrass Hay
      • Fieldgrass chaffed

      Because you can Not Store fieldgrass types which i posted above i do Not use it. You can Press bales but you can Not Feed bales and only sell them. Further 1.000L fieldgrass are around 70kg fieldgrass (density 0.07). So If you fill one Barn with 1.500L max this is 105kg. This means for 5 Bulls each has 21kg. So Barn will be empty before sun gows down in the evening ;)

      I use the VertiMix. It can store anything except Fluid and No bales. But you can use corn, maize (threshed, chaffed), buy corn on harbor. And the density of SuperSilo2000 is much Higher than fieldgrass so lasts longer in the barns, less need to Feed.