Controls (key combinations and gamepads)

  • Controls (key combinations and gamepads)

    At some point you're going to run out of single keys to map.
    Combining SHIFT, CTRL or ALT with each other and with a normal key is necessary for optimal user experience.

    As of now, only one key can be mapped, so if I want to use SHIFT+F for something, only SHIFT shows in the controls overview, which leads me to think it's currently not possible to combine keys.
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  • I tried using my XBOX gamepad.
    I'm unable to map right/left to the same stick (positive and negative values on the same axis). It will only map to one of the directions.

    It's also a bit weird you need to use the same controls to both drive and walk.
    The triggers are perfect for driving (variable gas and break), but for walking I would prefer using the left stick for forward/backward/left/right, and the right stick to look around.
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  • I have checked the controls, and the only thing I found relevant to this is FOV, which isn't exactly what I'm looking for.
    Field Of View will only make the camera zoom more or less (wide angle vs. tele zoom), but I can't move the camera further away from the tractor and equipment. I feel I'm choking with the current camera.

    @masterbrain, please give us more control over the camera.

    Turns out the SCROLL WHEEL makes it possible to move the camera backwards/forwards. I was not able to do this on a trackpad on the laptop. (not that I usually play with a trackpad, but would be nice to have a key too instead of ONLY mouse with scroll wheel)
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  • For those using an xbox controller, you will need to combine RB+, LB+ and LB+RB+ (which is only supported in FS by editing the xml). And even then, I do not think I will have enough buttons.

    Would be cool if you could combine an infinite string of buttons, keys, and axi, like LB+A+B+RT, or long press of buttons vs short press, like tap X to unfold implement and long press X to start engine (this sounds like a great idea actually).

    And we will need an intuitive but non-obstructing help box to show us all these combinations.
  • hmm. Under "configure axis" do you have dropdown panel on right side, if there is try to set it differend axis, like wheel do 2 ways and then you need bind just one way of thatt axis.

    Hope you understand what i mean

    --Edit-- Newer mind you found that olready. sory did not spot that comment.
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