BGP Bugfix Update v0.6.1

    • BGP Bugfix Update v0.6.1

      No update release would be complete without the associated bug fix update that fixes all the small - and big - issues.


      • NEW Machines in the combination can be selected when buying a FillType (e.g. Hammer Cornking + seed unit)
      • NEW BGP Bunker also accepts corn grains and crushed grain
      • NEW The minimap is now synchronized with the field menu
      • NEW Only the selected field is displayed in the field menu if the eye symbol is active
      • NEW Bressel & Lade silage shovels now work with Morph-Meshes
      • NEW The scales at the BGP are now active
      • NEW Fertiliser calculator redesigned
      • NEW The field menu has as preselection the field you are standing on
      • NEW Layout of Zip-archives simplified for simpler access for modders
      • NEW Smaller shovel in the BGP intro mission replaced by larger one
      • NEW You have to wait on the scales to weigh in the mission
      • NEW New Console Command "showTank" which accepts InfoForTaskAndQuestID


      • BUG FIX Crash when detaching the trailer during unloading was fixed
      • BUG FIX Maize, field grass, rye, wheat and barley have new values for biogas production
      • BUG FIX The materials for the loads and all their combinations with parameters such as fermentation have been revised
      • BUG FIX Field menu sync problem with the world when quickly switching between different field textures.
      • BUG FIX On the Techdemo you could not display a field texture
      • BUG FIX Silos on the farm reveal the right side
      • BUG FIX The manual unloading into the silos has been improved and no longer scatters so quickly around the machines
      • BUG FIX The corn silage now has the same colour in the silo, in the shovel and in the bunker
      • BUG FIX The invisible collisions between Strautmann SZK-1802 trailers are fixed
      • BUG FIX CNC::TankController::UpdateMorphVolume Spam removed
      • BUG FIX UV error on silo wall fixed
      • BUG FIX Slurry bunker at the harbour no longer floats
      • BUG FIX The BGP now concludes with the Albergtal (no more cracks in the ground)
      • BUG FIX Claas Vario 930 is no longer dirty when bought from the dealer
      • BUG FIX BGP bunkers and fermentation residue tanks are now stored
      • BUG FIX Smoke Axis 30.1W Particle VC Update
      • BUG FIX Sale now takes into account correct volume and remuneration
      • BUG FIX BGP icon is displayed again on the map
      • BUG FIX Inner collision of the bunker lowered
      • BUG FIX BGP control unit: button text synchronous to bunker lid status
      • BUG FIX Trailers no longer empty into/onto unloading points on their own when the vehicle is left
      • BUG FIX The silos on the farm reveal the right side
      • BUG FIX Field grass allows the bulls to gain weight in the barns
      • BUG FIX The voxel mesh in the Hawe SLW can now display different materials depending on the load (no more white fill tarpaulins)


      • NOTE The Bressel & Lade blades are not always visually empty when tilted
      • NOTE BGP silo tarpaulins are still temporary and without function, so they can be safely ignored