Fertilizer,Plant,Soil,Silo,Weather,BGP v0.6.0

    • Fertilizer,Plant,Soil,Silo,Weather,BGP v0.6.0

      Update 0.6.0 introduces a new fertilization system, allowing you to have a large responsibility in your crops’ growth. And with the revised biogas plant you can now generate and sell electricity.

      With the revised biogas plant (BGP) we give you the possibility to dump chopped maize into the new silos, to compress it and finally to cover it to activate the fermentation process. After 60 days this process is finished and you can use a front loader and shovel to transfer the silage into the BGP bunker. The BGP then starts to process the silage on its own and after 20 days produces the first methane gas which is converted into electricity and then credited to your account once a month. So in order to guarantee a continuous additional income, you’ll have to make sure the bunker is filled up on a regular basis. In upcoming updates the BGP will be expanded further in its complexity.

      The new dynamic silos that can now be found in the Albergtal are fundamentally different from the old ones. If you drive the trailer loads into the silo and dump them, the silo fills up at the position where you unload. You should therefore take care to unload straight and evenly into the silo so that no too steep heaps stack up. At the moment these cannot be pushed flat yet and will be added in one of the next updates. The BGP uses 12×50 meters silos, while the farm and harbor uses 12×25 meters. As with the BGA silos, the silos at the farm can be compacted and covered for fermentation.

      There are new interactive 3D-Panels, so that you can operate the BGP and silos. These have been installed at the appropriate locations, which you can easily operate with the activated mouse pointer.

      The traders have been revised. We have installed a new slurry trader at the harbor where you can sell your surplus slurry or buy it if necessary. Additionally, the farm cooperative now offers a multitude of granular fertilizers for use with the new Rauch Axis spreader.

      The new weather system is now based on accurate hourly data. In preparation for future plant growth, we have implemented a revised weather system that transfers numerous realistic measured weather data to the game for one year. The first step was to make the weather more credible and comprehensible. In the next step the weather will also affect plant growth as mentioned above.

      The field menu has been greatly revised: if you now select a field in the menu, you will get various information about the status of the field or the plants. The status on the map is also shown in color. If you click on one of the eye icons, the status of the corresponding parameter will be displayed after a short loading time. If you now exit the menu, you can monitor the status on the minimap, very helpful if you are on the road with the fertilizer spreader. The update takes place every 5 seconds.

      The fertilization is an essential component when planting crops, and this update finally implements it in large detail. You’re going to have to make sure that the plants are supplied with enough nutrients. With the revised field menu you can see at a glance if the NPK values are within the green range. The revised growth levels will be divided into 100 BBCH levels. Currently only the NPK values are included in the growth process. The appropriate solid fertilizer is offered for sale at the cooperative in the city, bull slurry is available at the harbor and the farm, fermentation residues (particularly efficient!) at the BGP, and sewage sludge at the sewage treatment plant.

      Many values such as NPK concentrations but also prices have been adjusted to real-life values which are based on the current fertilizer guidelines.

      For example: NPK concentrations in slurry are now real values. 50 fattening bulls consume about 450 tons of maize silage (9 hectares × 50 tons fresh matter per hectare) in one year and produce 360 tons of liquid manure. Almost 360 tons of slurry are also required to fertilize 9 hectares of maize if 4.1 liters of slurry per square meter is spent. This results in NPK nutrients: N = 196 kg/ha, P = 90 kg/ha, K = 221 kg/ha, equivalent to the consumption of maize.

      Let's assume that with Stapel liquid manure barrel you can spread 18 tons; that results in 2.2 trips per hectare. Farming is tough work: 9 hectares require about 37 trips. With this size of work, it is worth working with helpers.

      But to make sure that the whole thing doesn't degenerate into a difficult math lesson, we have implemented a fertilizer strategy calculator, which you can find at the cooperative as well as at the port slurry trader. The tool helps you to calculate which types and quantities of fertilizer would bring how much nutrients to the field, and what that would cost you. To do this, open the desired field in the field menu, select the reference fruit and check the target NPK quantities (in kg per hectare or lbs per acre!). Now you can combine different fertilizer types and quantities in the calculator so that these target values are reached as close as possible. Multiply the calculated fertilizer quantities by the field size and you will have the total quantities you need.

      We know that the topic of fertilizing can be overwhelming at first sight. In the near future we will go into this in more detail and give you instructions and/or tips.

      The machines have numerous modifications. A separate fertilizer system has been added to the seed drill Hammer CornKing. The slurry barrel Stapel VT18000 now has an adjustable spread rate. In addition to that, we’re introducing the Rauch Axis 30.1 W** granular fertilizer spreader, giving you a work width option from 12 m up to 42 m. All fertilizer machines have received an “empty tank” option that allows you to refill them with a different fertilizer type.

      The AI helpers have received many changes and bugfixes. The complete strategy for the unloading combines has been revised. We also fixed some bugs which caused crashes. In addition, the road network has been adjusted, e.g. we have changed almost everything at the harbor to one-way roads. The AI does not have its final state yet and we are still working on it.

      Community: What makes us very happy and motivated is seeing how active the community is. The multitude of ingenious mods, the exchange and feedback in the forum and the commitment of all volunteers!
      Many thanks to all modders, moderators, testers and of course to the whole community! Have a look at our forum or have a look at the latest mods for CNC and give the modders feedback:


      Your MBB Team


      • NEW Field crops grow using NPK fertilizer values per square metre
      • NEW Weather is based on hourly data from the German weather service Region Münster/Osnabrück for the year 2016.
      • NEW Field menu with new live field data
      • NEW BGP with control station, bunker, pumping station and introduction mission
      • NEW New silos in the BGP and farm with cover function
      • NEW Rauch Axis 30.1 W fertilizer spreader with adjustable spread rate
      • NEW Mission points and tanks have new translations
      • NEW New silo tarpaulins
      • NEW Digital display at the bunker
      • NEW New console command listInfoForTaskIds which gives you a CSV file with an overview of all mission points in the played level and with details for translations and missions
      • NEW Stapel liquid manure barrel has adjustable spread rate
      • NEW The console command addFillToTank now also accepts InfoForTaskIds so you can fill silo tanks directly via console
      • NEW There are one-way streets at the port and sewage treatment plant so that AI drivers work better
      • NEW Traders at the port are divided into several to have more precise points of contact for the purchase & sale of assets.
      • NEW Gameplay option to also display the special minimap field data in the 3D world
      • NEW Helpers distribute their load evenly when unloading into the silo (in the future there will still be options to dump in the main area or at the pre-discharge area)
      • NEW Hammer CornKing fertilizer system added
      • NEW There is a new liquid fertilizer ammonium nitrate-urea solution (AHL 28) for the Dammann spreader which can be purchased at the port.
      • NEW Dammann fertilizer mission converted to AHL28 liquid fertilizer
      • NEW Rye, wheat, barley and field grass have new optimal growth times. Partly 100 days faster than before
      • NEW Rye, wheat, barley and field grass have new NPK consumption curves and yields have been adjusted for each BBCH level.
      • NEW Numerous new granular fertilizer types at the cooperative
      • NEW New slurry dealer at the port
      • NEW Fertilizer strategy calculator at the cooperative (left-hand side, next to the ramp) and at the port at the left slurry trader


      • BUG FIX Filltypes determine the MatterAttributes like NPK or water concentration for traders
      • BUG FIX Filltypes at the slurry pump stations have been adjusted
      • BUG FIX AI tasks should be able to be recreated and work again
      • BUG FIX Vehicle “Init” scripts are executed again when loading a savegame (affects support feet, wheel chocks and other small things such as the Joskin Delta-Cap support foot)
      • BUG FIX MissionCommand “setGround” now takes NPK values in kg / hectare and water data are now in litres
      • BUG FIX MissionCondition “ground” fixed
      • BUG FIX BGP digestate now has correct NPK values
      • BUG FIX Activated autopilot can be deactivated again after save game loading
      • BUG FIX Hourly weather data
      • BUG FIX Translations further adjusted
      • BUG FIX AI Helpers should work in all missions again so that you can complete the missions
      • BUG FIX The voxel mesh in Hawe SLW is only faded out after 800 metres.
      • BUG FIX The objects which are divided in the ring detail system are correctly illuminated again

      The mentioned areas are still under development, will be extended and optimized together with your feedback.


      • CHANGE In the slurry mission, you now have to fill up the bull slurry at the farm instead of the sewage treatment plant.
      • CHANGE Silos at the farm and at the harbor have been replaced by the new ones
      • CHANGE Console command “addFillToTank” now also accepts InfoForTaskIds so you can fill silo tanks directly via the console
      • CHANGE Console command “takeFillFromTank” now works the same way with InfoForTaskIds
      • CHANGE Dammann fertilizer mission changed to AHL28 liquid fertilizer
      • CHANGE Change of slurry types at the farm, BGP and sewage treatment plant to distinct types with different NPK values
      • CHANGE The previous fruit varieties such as wheat have been renamed summer wheat as we will soon be making a distinction between summer and winter varieties.


      • NOTE Temperature, sunshine hours and water consumption are not yet used as growth factors in this version.
      • NOTE The silo display does not yet indicate compaction via the heat map.
      • NOTE The silos at the port are for sale only and do not fill up visually. This is intentional.
      • NOTE The scales at the BGP have no functionality yet.
      • NOTE As the Hammer CornKing now offers its own fertilizing tank, you need to check the parking position at the seed/fertilizer traders. At first the fertilizer tank is shown and seed types are shown as “incompatible”. In order to fill the seed units you have to drive ahead until the window appears for a second time. At this point you’ll be able to buy and fill the usual maize, grain or grass seed types. We’re going to improve such “double matches” in the future by adding a vehicle selection in the trading window..
      • NOTE You have to create a completely new profile and are not allowed to use old save games. Otherwise it cannot be guaranteed that all changes will work properly!
    • Holy Moly.... this is one big update!
      Nothin' Runs Like A Deere When It's Gettin' Chased By A Magnum

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    • Thanks for the update.

      Problem I have on steam game crashes on startup see a white windowed screen the crashes/closes the game. Tried already verifying game integrity, deleting profiles folder from my documents, uninstall and reinstall game still same problem after installing new update, crashing on startup.

      EDIT: Fixed with complete clean reinstall deleting all folder/files for the game.

      The post was edited 1 time, last by LPS: Fixed issue ().

    • @Nachtfalke
      No this is not right. The game only crash if you go directly to „Mods“ after you start the game. I mean in the menu where you can load your savegame. The game works without any problems if you load your savegame with mods in the mod folder. If you go to main menu after you play, it is possible to open the „mods“ page. But if you try to disable a mod there, the game will also crash. And it has nothing to do with mods from the Modder. It also happen with original files from MBB.

      So mods worked. Enjoy them guys.
    • Thanks to your and internal bug reports we are currently working on an update that is planned for next week. There will also be some minor changes, e.g. the Bressel & Lade silage shovel now gets a dynamic morph fill mesh. A first version of the planned changes is heading to the test department today. Also the Community Manager is back from vacation.