Tower silos.

    • Tower silos.

      So that bunker silo update looks pretty cool. Appreciate the work that went into it.
      But please, for the love of all things farming, can we get Harvestore style tower silos with continuous bottom unloading?
      I'm sure gigantic bunkers are all the rage in parts of the world where biogas is heavily government subsidized and tonnage is king.
      But when you are feeding, for example a high producing dairy herd, (which I have personally done for quite a few years with my father),
      quality is king. And Sealed bottom unloading silos ala Harvestore or other brands are king for that.
      Along with being able to fill at any time there is room in it, while continuing to feed out of it at the same time.

      Make me hook a blower and a tractor to it, and use actual forage boxes to unload into said blower, and I would be over the moon.

      Excellent video of this exact operation. Which goes on for 2/3 of the year here in Southern Ontario, Canada.
      2-3 cuts of hay per year, corn in fall, take your pick for silage of choice.
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