Implements height

  • Implements height

    Hello everybody!

    I usually don't write in forums but I really want to get in touch with the community of this game. Kudos to the developers! Everytime I play I discover something new and so far this game keeps on giving. BTW the AI blew my mind, it's just a masterpiece.

    Just wanted to report a bug. I hired two workers for ploughing field 12 and they were coordinating in a wonderful way (again, kudos). Only problem is the height of the rear three point hitch. It seems to go too low, making the tractor struggle, even if it has the required power. I've tried to gently lift it up with the analog stick and this solved the issue. Problem is, that at every turn and at every lifting and dropping, the implement keeps going too low, therefore needing a manual adjustement. Is there a fix for this? Something that I am missing?

    Again, I really love this game, hence I want to give support and reporting anything buggy in order to make it succeed.

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  • Hello, Paul,
    it's very nice to see you like the game!
    Basically the problem you described is known.
    I hope that in the next update some bugs will be fixed, including this one.

    Until then you can try to reset the plough and the tractor with the reset function.

    I wish you lots of fun with the game!
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  • It may bei possible that after loading a game that the plow or cultivator is raised in an unwanted way. To solve this just detach and attach it again.

    Try If a front weight could Help.

    And perhaps try another tractor or plow size.

    These are just ideas and suggestions for a possible workaround until a fix arrives.

    Better Not reset implements or tractor which are actively working on a task. IT could lead to a game crash If i remember correctly.