SaveGame Reset

  • SaveGame Reset

    So this is a new one for me. I've been gettin' ready for the next update, getting ready to sell off the rest of my crops, bales, and cattle so I could easily create a new save game when the time comes and pick up right where I left off. However, it would seem the game decided it was time to give up now. I played some last night, unloading one of the silage silos finally called it quits, saved the game went to bed. Came back this evening, opened up my game, and noticed my money was reset to $57*,*** and when I logged in all of my equipment was gone. Profile was essentially reset with the exception of my bales still stored, my silo of wheat, and purchased fields.

    It's fair to say I've had this profile for a couple versions now, so by no means am I upset that this one kicked the bucket, and maybe that's what caused it. Not sure. I also had a half dozen vehicle mods in (none used on the farm), and maybe one of those caused it as... not sure. But I figured I'd give you guys the profile just in case you can find something specific that caused it.

    Looking forward to the next update... keep up the great work,
    Nothin' Runs Like A Deere When It's Gettin' Chased By A Magnum

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    i7 6700k @4.6 ghz w/ 360mm AIO liquid cooler
    32gb Corsair Vengance 3200mhz
    2 Asus Strix GTX 1070's w/ HB Bridge
    Asus Maximus Hero VIII
    Corsair HX 850i
    256gb Samsung 960 Evo (Boot)
    512gb Samsung 860 Pro (Games and Programs)
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    2 2tb WD Red (Mass Storage & Back-ups)
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    APC 1500VA UPS w/ additional battery
  • Hi,

    Which Mods so you have in the Game Folder? Die someone who wants to replicate it these are probably needed.

    Further you can try to load the Game without mods in the Folder and See what Happens.

    And you can Go to the savegame Slot and use the bkp savegames and try with these.

    Just some hints.

    Perhaps savegame could be loaded with 0.6.x when it will be releases. If you can still wait some weeks.