Texture A & O for C4 Engine.

    • Texture A & O for C4 Engine.

      Hello Community.

      I have some work ive done every now and then for CnC, that is at the point of needing textures.

      I think as the development proceeds, it would be good to put some fact's on the table so to say.

      The most basic things.

      - What format does the editor expect the textures to be in, .png .jpeg .tex ? or similar.

      personally, i am a first timer for formats like .tex

      what are the procedures for creating a .tex file? or is this something that the game engine compresses a texture of other file format origin in to?

      What about the details when modeling with Blender.

      depending on the origin and story of the .tex file mentioned earlyer, im interested if the .tex file is brought in to Blender at UV-Mapping point? (If this question is totally unrelated, please disregard)

      Some other game engines ive made something for earlyer in Blender, used to work something like, Open up the texture file in UV-Editor, do you'r thingy, and assign the same texture file, to you'r blender material's texture. Now i have a feeling this might be different as well, across different export script's etc regarding Blender.

      Would be nice if some of you Sith Lord level modder's could spread some knowledge with us other's.

      Have a nice day

      and happy farming.

      // C.H
    • Some engines are using their own textures format for better compatibility and security. For import you can use .PNG and .JPG . Don't know about others because I used only those formats. Editor needs textures in .TEX format. When you import texture it automatically saves in appropiate format. For the rest of questions i can't answer because I am not using as much Blender.
    • Thank you for you'r answer @ReVO26

      no need to answer Blender specific part, i think you answered it already : )

      Might just have been, that ive just blindly passed the texture import within the editor every time.

      Ive mostly only been snapping in and out of the editor, checking other visual stuff, and adding colliders etc.

      So could you please confirm, you import the texture file to the editor in .png or .jpeg are you then able to export or save
      to .tex from the editor ?

      also, do you know if there is some prefered resolution for the textures something like 2056x2056 or similar?
    • I met the limit with my first texture i tried importing.

      Just grabbed a random image for testing from folder that was of resolution 4256 x 2832.

      I have a wild guess, that one might have to go with something like 2048x2048 res max.

      That is more than enough, but just for the sake of it, i had to try push a highres image thru the editor.
    • The biggest texture I've used so far is 4096x4096 that works too. But you can also look at the texture sizes of the original models and perhaps judge it, so you might get a feel for what suits best.
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    • The recommended file format is .tga to import your textures. That's what the devs use. Texture size of vehicles (depends on vehicle size) is usually 4096x4096 and is automatically downscaled when reducing texture quality in the graphics options.
      The .tex format has nothing to do with Blender, it's just the compression format all imported textures are converted to.