The Controller Update: v0.5.0

    • 10 points going to.... @Nybyggarn :thumbsup:

      More respect to every one is needed in cattle and crops community!!!!

      Sorry for my english! It sleeps long time. :D
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    • I think we do respect him enough. We don't swear or anything but if you read all his posts its negative after negative after negative. There will be a point people will react like this. You have to earn respect and don't demand or ask for it ;)
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    • @Nybyggarn All though I agree with you in a general sense, I have you disagree with you in this specific case. This guys has had plenty of chance to show and earn respect. People have been extremely patient and even still manage to keep a sober tone. But at some point if a person still won't learn and keep blaming everyone else, it is only natural there will be a push back. This guys has been a virus spreading negativity for quite a while, only seeing what he wants and not the greater picture. I'm for one tired of his childish antics and attitude, and he has no respect in my book. If you moan about you not being allowed to give critique, while you yourself can't take any critique either, then you are a hypocritical fool in my perspective.

      I respect you for trying to keen a sober tone and like I said, I do agree we should, but sometime some incel shows up and they don't deserve the respect of the community imo.
    • Okay, I think everyone's had their say here now.
      I would be happy if we could return to the actual topic and continue to discuss objectively with each other.
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    • Bemingo88 wrote:

      I don´t know where to write. But i think we should hear something soon and that the timeline not been updated. Or have I missed something =)
      Well it is Not right and not wrong ;-).
      They would give US an Update in "beginning of May" but this is not explicitly Said that it is 3rd May. But it is right we could assume that.

      Hopefully next friday. News and Timeline. Since the Last Update MBB Bad two weeks vacation so probably not much happened on development.

    • I know every Friday without some News is a hudge disappointment for many of us, and some of us get angry,
      in this case i think they work just 2 days after vacation, so theres nothing new to tell us about, i think.
      so lets get well together, i think the most of us Love this Game an the Vision of it. <3

      in my case, my needs were well filled by these Great C&C Modders.
      it helps me much to get along with the long time to wait.
    • Just a small note for many.

      Scroll back to the first post in this thread.

      and read it carefully, think a bit further, no offence. ( digg in to stuff )

      • NEW Game completely controllable via controller (XInput API)
      • NEW Detection of controllers while game is running (hot plugging)
      • NEW UserAction radial menu for controlling vehicle functions

      first of all, i dont think you understand the potential of something like XInput API.

      neither do think you guy's fully understand what the Xbox 360 controller support really stands for when used with PC. "Its not just the physical Xbox Gamepad Controller u think about "

      Just as a sidenote, u can hook up somewhat close to an unlimited amount of buttons, potentiometers, rotary encoders etc that you'r device of choice can handle, and that u can flash to display as a xbox controller for you'r PC.

      - Detection of controllers while game is running ( " Sounds like a simple thing to do right? " )
      truth is different.

      Not to mention, doing the single task of something like implementing PhysX 4.0

      you'r imagination will not carry you far enough to understand the effort behind something like that.

      Stay Calm, or get a Job : )

      Just sayin.
    • @XYZSPAIN is our number one moder... He certainly has mods on the game..
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