Status Update 01 Mar 2019

    • Status Update 01 Mar 2019

      It’s been a hot minute and we think it might be time to show you a new machine we’re working on. Check the image to see a Lemken Saphir 7 / Zirkon 8 seeding combination, which will be added as an addition to the Hammer Corn King. We’ll provide you with an exact release date at a later time.

      Another big area at the moment is updating the physics engine to PhysX 4.0. We’re making very good progress and PhysX will allow us to offer a more stable vehicle simulation in the future. The new PhysX version results in a much better simulation of the joints between rigid bodies, which will also benefit the modders.

      Here’s a small introductory video from Nvidia:

      If everything goes as planned, the first version should go to the testing department next week.