Status Update 01 Feb 2019

    • Status Update 01 Feb 2019

      As mentioned in the previous status update, we’re currently working on gamepad support. This week we’ve concentrated on the display and controlling of vehicle user actions.

      We’re in the process of designing and developing a radial menu that allows you to access and control all User Actions very quickly. In order to keep the menu uncluttered, the User Actions will be divided into several groups. Our example has the vehicle’s most important actions, such as turning on the machine or unloading, in the first ring, and functions like doors, windows or the steering console in another one.

      The radial menu will be controlled with the right stick and the primary buttons, allowing you to continue driving with the left stick and the triggers.

      Embrace the weekend!
    • Kestrel wrote:

      Will there be an option not to have a radial menu? Radial menu's smack of this turning into a console port! This was touted as a PC farming simulator. Please, please no. This menu style is garbage.
      The old menu (User Actions) should still exist. I think this radial menu is there as an additional option for controller Players but it does not remove oder replace the other Control Options.

      This is what I know.