Problem with bugged task.

  • Hi,

    This happended after you loaded a Savegame you created within a running Mission, right?

    Pleased so not save and load while running an active Mission this could cause AI trouble.

    Deleted the active Tasks. You did already i think.

    Go to menu F5 and then quests. Select all pullodown menus to Show all/any.

    Scroll down the list and find the active "Quest". Stop/Abort it. That's it. Start the Mission again If you Like.

    MB trac:

    Go to menu F1, select Your vehicles. Select MB trac. In the right top of the window there is RESPAWN and R Button. RESPAWN will place the tractor at the Trader or somewhere Else. R resets it to normal. Perhaps click R Several Times.

    You can play again.

    Never Reset (R) a tractor in an active Task. This will Crash the Game.