Your thoughts on multiplayer.

    • For me in no particular order.

      Dedicated servers are my number one priority so that players can jump on and off at any time of the day and do some farming.

      Have farm accounts (server account) and a seperate account for workers on your farm.
      Have the option for workers (players) on your server be paid into their accounts from the farm account.

      This would tie in with having a hierarchy on the farm from Farm Owner (server owner, designated players) to farm manager to farm worker etc. The players could be paid an amount based on how much work they do or possibly a salary type wage.

      Depending on your server settings different ranked workers etc could do different tasks and purchase/sell machinery/livestock/goods etc.

      An online trading market where you could buy other players grain, bales, livestock, used machinery etc. You could effectively buy and sell things to make money if you were smart enough. (Only problem is this is open to manipulation)

      I'll probably think of heaps more later...

    • I would love for it to be possible to have multible farm owners in the same game. So you can help you neighbor out with mowing the grass or harvest a field. Or if you are smaller farms, you could have some sort of shared machine ownership. Eg. It might be smarter for 3 smaller farmers not to have 3 cheap small combines (less efficient, higher spillage etc), but instead share a more expensive, but also bigger an better combine. That would be pretty cool and would urge cooperation between players.
    • So i know this is probably impossible but. As @mmmBetty Said a shared marketplace would be cool. Also a bigg city mapp where you would have to transport your grain to sell it. In this city you also have the machine dealer, bank and more.

      If some one buy grain from you either you have to come to them with it or they would have to come to tour farm. It would work a little bit like Sims when you visit other people's houses. You go to the boarder and then search for what farm(server) to visit. Maybe you could chose what farms that would be connected to yours so you don't get trolls and such. It's a bit of a wild idéa and probably impossible but it would be cool.

      The citymap would be like another farm so you go to tour boarder then it comes up a screen where you chose where to go. For exampel the city mapp
    • Yes I agree @ChiloopaBatman what about having set prices for machinery (or a small price range) based on the machines hours worked, age, mechanical condition etc?

      It would add a bit of immersion to the game because you know you are buying an actual second hand tractor with hours on it for a cheaper price than new. This would work well in conjunction with maintainance or something as obviously buying a second hand machine you will have more troubles with it compared to a new one. (I know this isn't completely true in real life but it would work well in the game)

      And as for selling it just doesn't feel right when you trade in a machine it just disappears and you get money. I would absolutely love to be able to on sell second hand machinery on a marketplace.

    • Hmm...that might actually work. If the prices are fixed rates all you need is a database as the market place and people can buy and sell. It wouldn't really need any supervision as it is fixet to some specifics. You could sell basically anything that way (milk, grain or maybe animals for breeding? etc).

      May even add some spice to it by adding transport expenses. E.g. I live in Denmark and I buy a load of wheat from Australia instead of Denmark or Germany, the transport expenses would be higher. BUT! It might be feasible due to wheat prices in Australia are lower than in e.g Germany. It would take some work, but it might not be impossible.
    • I most likely will play with friends I know thoroughly ( don't take it personal, community ), thus it would be great to have a shared bank account for the farm instead of a split account per person participating in the session.

      With a shared account, anyone can go buy that piece of equipment and bring it to the farm, and everyone can see how much we have, see the economy, money flow etc.

      I think the way they do it in Farming sim 17 isn't good enough. If you let every player have their account, the money is split evenly on all online. And you feel like you're not earning much by selling equipment or products.

      On the other hand, if you as a host is the only one to see the money flow, the rest may feel like they're serving you instead of playing with you.
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    • one thing dedicated servers need is a page you can edit in-game which you can set out basic work orders which is accessible to read by everyone who joins, so people who e.g. have the password for the server if they join and there is no decision making admin, they then have a basic list they can follow, this could be a daily updated list, or it could just be the preferred crop rotations, or just set out at what prices its ok to sell specific crop, or just the general ethos of the farm.

      likewise, there also needs to be some middle ground between full in-game admin and basic user, that can be set on a per-user basis by in-game admin, which would allow more function than a basic user without granting full in-game admin status (in-game admin, not to be confused with dedicated server admin who can load mods etc and can start/stop the server etc.), which is remembered by the server and tied to your unique C&C ID, and e.g. by default basic user are not remembered by the server unless they are 1: banned from the server (their unique C&C ID is not permitted to join) 2: moved to the intermediate group.

      you could then have per user settings:
      is banned: no/yes
      is intermediate user: yes/no

      intermediate user rights:
      can see farm funds: yes/no
      can use farm funds: yes/no
      limit to farm funds use: % >0% <100%
      can repay loans: yes/no
      can take out loans: yes/no
      can buy machines: yes/no
      can sell machines: yes/no
      can buy livestock: yes/no
      can sell livestock: yes/no
      can buy seed and fertiliser: yes/no
      can sell crops: yes/no
      can buy fields: yes/no
      can plough up grass: yes/no (implies the ability to create fields or change their shape)
      can sow grass: yes/no (the logical opposite of the above if needed)
      can cut down trees: yes/no
      is paid a wage: yes/no
      wage per unit of time: £$€#### /month, week, day or hour active (not moving for >5mins marks you as inactive until you start moving again)
      wage % of farms income: %
      can activate AI/NPC helpers: yes/no
      can mark jobs as complete: yes/no
      can edit to-do list\calendar: yes/no
      can reset equipment: yes/no
      can save game: yes/no
      can trigger server restart: yes/no
      can kick basic user from server: yes/no
      can ban basic user from server for 12h or 24h: yes/no (implies a full admin will review the situation as to lifting or making it permanent)
      can kick intermediate user: yes/no
      can ban intermediate user from server for 12h or 24h: yes/no (assumes review of the situation by full admin etc as to lifting or permanence)
      etc etc etc.

      You could also have ready made intermediate user titles which take pre-set permutations of the above, so you can quickly assign someone a job title, i.e.
      Farm owners (server and in-game admin)
      Farm managers (in-game admin)
      Senior foreman (most senior intermediate users)
      Arable foreman, livestock foreman, BGA foreman, forestry foreman (job specific foreman)
      Senior farm worker (not job specific)
      Arable farm worker, livestock farm worker, BGA worker, forestry worker. (job specific)
      Farm worker (least senior intermediate users)

      and because the person is remembered on the server along with their basic stats (money, time spent ploughing, cultivating, sowing, harvesting etc etc) they will feel more invested in the MP farm.

      something else that could use some of the above, is the ability to exclude people from specific machines/implement types based on rank, though it would also want a quick method for admin to turn this on/off server wide or for a single user to be granted access temporarily.