Can someone please help me set up a Logitech F310 controller?

  • Can someone please help me set up a Logitech F310 controller?

    I just purchased the game and played about 3 hours. I'm impressed. I'm using a Logitech F310 controller on a PC.

    This works out of the box in Farming Simulator so I figured I can get it working on Cattle and Crops.
    Walking and driving works well, but when it comes to implements, i.e. bale forks and tractor arms, I can't figure out how to map it. I think it's because I don't know the game that well, and I don't know where to map the mouse.

    I'm on the first "bring in the hay" mission and the game wants me to attach the bale forks but I have no idea how. When I drive up to it, and press the Q key to attach, the tractor arms fall off (detach).

    Here are my settings ahead of time (I knew you'd ask).

    Thank you so much for any and all help.

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  • Could you take a screenshot of the bale fork? Maybe it is on the wrong side and therefore cannot be connected.
    To move the front loader arm, please assign the keys 6 and 7.

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