upgrade pc lower FPS

  • Hi,
    can you open the conyole (^) and type "time" without quotes?

    It will show you two Charts, one for CPU and the other for GPU (graphics card).

    You can check if CPU or GPU is the bottleneck. Low ms are better/faster.

    Fürther you can compare ms if you change settings in menu. If you change aomwthing and it reduces only GPU but CPU ia the bottleneck you will not get better FPS.

    You can post Screenshots of charts and settings, of course.
  • The whole is still optimized, but not now. Small steps are taken in this area but the biggest step comes at the very end when almost everything is ready! I play with the settings everything on "Ultra" and it works too. I think we all have to wait a bit but it is being worked on.
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  • Hi,
    i read in the Internet and OpenGL performance in AMD cards is very bad. They perform better if Vulkan support ia added to the game but not ETA as far as i know.

    I made good progress with lowering Billboard from 100 to 20.

    Fürther disabling tesselation helped a lot vor limit it to 2x in graphics driver.

    With 2GB VRAM i usw only Texture Details "medium" and 4xMSAA

    Nvidia cards should performance better with OpenGL as AMD and AMD OpenGL has problems when CPU code Hits limit.